Stargirl S1, E9 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

With the title of “Brainwave”, it came as no surprise that the episode revealed so much about Brainwave and Brainwave, Jr.!

Brainwave was a scientist who was held up at gunpoint and realized his superpowers.

Henry, Brainwave, Jr., watches all of the home videos of his father, learning the truth about how he became Brainwave and begins exhibiting limited control of himself

Pat reveals he was originally part of a group called ‘The Seven Soldiers of Victory’ to defeat Dr. Ito and he believes he is still alive.

However, one of the biggest moments is that Courtney and Pat finally get caught with the staff by Courtney’s mom!

If you haven’t watched episode 9 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


Seven Soldiers!!!


Thoughts on this weeks episode

Seven Soldiers and vigilante

What a loving family Cindy just straight says she’s gonna murder her dad if he doesn’t let her out.

Love all the music choices so far, Cyprus hill.

Yolanda saying she would never be on a team with Henry. I’m sorry if I have to chose with someone with Mins reading and telekinesis vs someone who can balance really well and slash stuff, I’m going with the mind reader.

Why does Solomon Grundy even work with the ISA he doesn’t get a seat at the table and he’s locked In a cage 24/7. Does brainwave keep him in check?

How ironic that the bully of the school thinks everyone is a monster.

I think we all saw what was coming the moment Courtney burnt her hand on the dish.

Barb finally finds out what’s going on, kind of.

Awe yes, Henry’s first kill would bring his dad back. If that’s not a messed up family i dont know what is.


That wasn’t the ideal way they wanted Barbra to find out, but at least she knows I guess.


I loved that reference as well


Yolanda being a badass was fantastic. She really shines through even for a minute in that scene.


Great RAO! What a fantastic episode.


When Icicle’s mom said she didn’t like Courtney, I thought we were about to get a certain chill in the air. Especially when they were leaving.
Great development in the plot and got lots of depth in the King’s storyline. Senior had pleasure in defeating the gunmen. Junior showed remorse and then shock when dad woke up.
Loved it when Dragon King slid the block to close Cindy in completely. About time some really parenting went on in that relationship. The chamber pot was a nice touch. You usually don’t have that shown.
The scene with Yolanda in the hospital added so much for that storyline. I still think it will come out that Cindy was behind all of it.


This show is developing so well. The beans are being spilled and now Courtney’s mom is going to find out what is going on. I wonder who Henry will side with? It looks like his dad might have lost his memory though, who knows?


Did anyone notice the Batman the animated Easter egg in the beginning of the episode? The mouse in a cage wear those beacons thing on their head like in the episode ‘Mad as a hatter!’ Only it was blue instead of red. :slightly_smiling_face:
Beside that the episode was really good with suspense ending! Do I trust Henry? Not one bit!


We argued about the name :joy: :rofl:



I feel like the that scene between Yolanda and Henry might actually make Henry realize what Courtney was trying to explain to him earlier in the episode.


We can only hope that we get the good Henry. From what I understand in the comics his character has gone back and forth between hero and villain. I am also hoping Cameron follows the path of good. So far he has been a great character, even though I do sometimes get a vibe there is more going on beneath the surface that we haven’t seen yet with him.


So Brainwave Sr. has only been around as long as VHS Tapes as opposed to other ISA members who have been around since WW II? At least according to the TV Show?


I came for the Brec Bassinger consternation face, but I stayed for the insane Norwegian murder-grace


Really liked this episode. I loved seeing Beainwaves origins and motivations. And I liked the world building was great with the Seven soldiers of victory. I wonder what will happen with Courtney and Cameron now that she suspects that his dad is Icicle and that he may be a part of the ISA. I’m excited to see what will happen now that Barbara knows about there secret.


I was really happy about the way this show is going wish we could see some more of the old jsa but since i found it the show is going straight to the cw next season it feels kinda pointless to watch it, it won’t be on dcu anymore and CW will butcher the show it’ll be another freaking supergirl or bat woman both are very painful too watch the buddy budgetwill probably be 1/10 of what it is now if dc didn’t want to keep it going they should of just cancelled it like they did swamp thing IT’S BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN FADE AWAY!!!


We should at least stay optimistic. Geoff Johns isn’t just going to let people screw with the show that centers around the character he created and based on his sister who passed away


I kind of think watching this show is pointless now. Season 2 won’t be on this app and I don’t have anything for watching the CW. I like the show so I’m bummed I won’t get to watch later seasons.


I’d be optimistic if they had moved to hbomax with other high end shows that they’re planning for the near future but THE CW? It’s all about the money now they do not care what kind of garbage they put on that channel and its gotten allot worse the longer its went on hell they’ve already had a star girl in the arrow verse and a jsa now that i mention it and it wasn’t anything like this one they will destroy this show i would start a petition to stop it but that does not work

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