Stargirl S1, E5 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

Courtney and Yolanda are in full recruitment mode to build the new JSA. Little did they know that they would soon find not one, but two more members!

We’ve got Rick, whose heritage makes him a perfect candidate. Then, there’s Beth, who finds Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles while looking to confront Courtney.

However, new recruits are not the only thing that is happening in this episode. We get to see just how dangerous a song from a violin could be. And, we have another car blown up. (We’re starting to see a pattern here.)

If you haven’t watched episode 5 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


When I heard that Rick Tyler’s mom was named Wendi Harris, but my mind immediately assumed it was a reference to Super Friends character Wendy Harris of Wendy & Marvin.

Had no idea there is in fact another Wendi Harris (spelled with i) in the DC Universe!

Justin the janitor finally speaks!

Red Bee, now that’s a deep cut!


So my few take aways from this weeks episode

More more more Solomon Grundy please

Beth is crazy intrusive from her eavesdropping to showing up uninvited and just wandering the house.

R.I.P Red-Bee

Little brainwave Jr is starting to find his powers

I always enjoy seeing new members of the ISA in action

I’m glad recruitment is over so we can start to move along with the story.

The lantern tease at the end.


Loved the episode a lot. Can’t wait to see more Grundy. I imagine because of the effects, they want to keep him in the dark/shadows more, and I’m totally on board with that. Beth’s personality is absolutely contagious, and I loved how positive she was, but adventurous at the same time. I want Rick to get his Justice as long as no loved ones are hurt of course. I also felt really bad for the man that was shot ): he had a strong will, but in the end…it didn’t matter. Prettt hyped to see more Fiddler as well. Did I mention I love this show?


With the mention of his strong will and the Green Lantern lighting up, I have a good feeling that the Lantern will be put to use soon.


Such an awesome episode.

Yay more Grundy.

Ryan’s origin was great. His story is awesome. A classic story of an aggressive hero but it just really awesome. The hologram scene was great.

Stargirl’s team keeps growing. Beth now joins. I think something really bad will happen to her soon. Marking think it not all fun and game but maybe seeing the parents death was enough.

The party man Cindy is awful. True to her character. Poor Henry. Getting some powers but still sad.

Yolanda still with struggle. Wonder if she get Henry to help when/if he gets his powers enough to do so.

Justin speaks. Cool accent.

Pat catching on. And the Lantern glows. Oooh.

Also Gizmo. The Easter egg was great.


Yet another enjoyable episode. I’m a tad suspicious of Dr. Mid-Nite’s parents, and hope she’ll be accepted by the rest of the gang. I’m sure Hourman will find his heroic footing eventually. His anger speech was heart-wrenching, as was his reaction to the hologram of his parents last moments. Skillful acting by that young man. Flashes of Solomon Grundy are a bonus this time around. Courtney is slowly turning into a more confident leader, and more mystery is in the air! Love it!


Initial thoughts after watching episode.

Rick wants revenge. I wonder how that will go south in a future episode. Also Ricks uncle is a jerk. If he was that upset about living in Blue Valley, why not move?

Beth has googles that tell her things. How will this ultimately help her fight because right now she has no other skills. Currently she’s the one that I am most confused at wha5 they are trying to do.

Brainwave juniors powers are developing. Curious when he will jump in to help or not help.

Need more soloman grundy. He should be in next episode.

Uh-oh, Pat found our what Courtney is up too. Can’t wait to see His reaction when he confronts her and the rest of the team.

I wonder if Pat believes Courtney about the principal being the fiddler.

Green lantern looks like it’s trying to work. We need a surprise green lantern, let it be Mikey just for giggles.

Overall not a horrible episode, was good to help set up rest of season.


This show has a perfect tone. It can be light and charming one second and BvS the next. I care about all of the characters. Beth is a much better character than I originally thought. I’m glad we are getting layers from her and not just talkative bright eyed Beth. Brec is just so good. She has the heart and drive to carry this show. I’m so impressed. DC Universe has yet to put out something that I wouldn’t shout from the rooftops.


Awesome episode! A lot of great build up and characterization for Rick. The scene of him seeing his parents through the projection was so sad :cry:
If they’re really building up a fight between him powered up vs Solomon Grundy that’d be insane!

Beth is so nosy but given she feels lonely I do sympathize with her. Looking forward to when the others fully accept her as Dr.Midnight.

Side-note: I probably dislike the highschool girl Cindy more than any of the Injustice Society Villains.


I missed the Gizmo Easter egg. Where are you referring too?


The mask Stargirl wore at the party.


Also loved the scene of Artemis Crock tackling the guy and Courtney’s reason why she isn’t considering Artemis for JSA membership :grin:


That scene was great.:joy:


True on Artemis, but doesnt mean she Won’t join later on, she is a superhero after all in young justice. But I could see confusion popping up between both shows so who knows


Who knows maybe she’ll be a villain in this.


True. Keep forgetting she was a villian originally.


Charles Mcnider! Solomon Grundy! Fiddler’s Wife?! Fiddler is Irish! Red Bee!

Red Bee was listed as apart of the All-Star Squadron and the Freedom Fighters maybe we will get Air Wave! The principal seems to be Fiddler’s wife. Hourman Android reference!


This show gets better and better! I love the talking googles that Beth wears! It was a mix of James Bond and Iron man style!
Hour man sounds cool, but I feel bad that he only gets 1 hour of a day to get super strength!
I hope we get to see Grundy and the Green Lantern soon.:grinning:


will they be the junior JSA or could they be knew Infinity ink will they be the junior JSA or could they be knew Infinity ink or something else