Stargirl S1, E4 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

The recruitment of the new JSA has begun! We get a little bit more of Yolanda’s backstory and why she’s being targeted by mean girl, Cindy.

Of course, that sets her up for taking up the mantle of Wildcat…well, the “incident” with Henry’s car didn’t hurt either.

We got our first look at the Dragon King when Icicle meets with him about a Weapon for ‘Project: New America’.

That’s not all though! We also find out Dragon King is training his daughter, Shiv, and who exactly that is!

If you haven’t watched episode 4 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


I liked the new Wildcat introduction but, the episode felt a little weak compared to the others in my opinion. Overall, I loved the episode.


any one else catch the name of Mike’s buddy :grinning: wonder if he’ll borrow a pen


So a few things that stuck with me.


I can’t believe Yolandas family turned so hard on her.

Shade finally confirmed and what did he do to turn on the ISA?

Two kids sitting around in superhero costumes in Courtney’s room no big deal.

I feel like what makes Wild Cat so cool is he’s just a badass who can fight, given him all these extra abilities kind of takes away from that in my opinion.


Wow what an ending. Even though this episode felt ‘lighter’ with Courtney and Yolanda going around as Superheroes I’m glad the show’s carrying the darker tones of not knowing who can we really trust in this town.

@alplayspc1.75739 This episode wasn’t super high up there for me mainly since I’m not really interested in the highschool drama stuff as much as I am with the Injustice Society stuff.


Really enjoyed this episode. Can’t wait to see more recruitment in the future episodes


At this point Courtney seems to be the only member of the new team that has a good-ish relationship with their family :frowning: I guess we’ll see what’s the deal with the New Hour Man guy if he’ll be in a similar situation.


anyone else get spiderman vibes when Henry Jr turned around and suddenly Yolanda was on the ceiling


It’s weird. I’m a grown man with a son older that Courtney. But this show has grabbed me and keeps getting better. The actor that plays Yolanda is incredible. I actually shed a tear when she confided in Courtney during the gym scene, and of course after her speech to her parents.
This episode was well-rounded with serious emotion, serious laughs, and a seriously creepy ending.
Cheers to the entire cast and crew!


Agreed, she was excellent. I was surprised her family didn’t make amends.


Saw someone speculate after last week’s episode that Mike might be getting the pink pen to get him involved with Courtney’s superheroics as opposed to Jakeem Williams like in the comics. Not a bad idea, but I was hoping to see Jakeem Williams.

Cut to today and we find out Mike’s friend!


My favorite episode so far. I loved the connection that Yolanda & Courtney have after she became Wildcat. I’m still not very familiar with the JSA lore, but Dragon King is a character that has a cool look. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode.


I’m also shocked how I’m just as interested in the characters’ personal lives as I am the superhero stuff. The high school dynamic usually doesn’t appeal to me considering my 30th reunion was last year!
I guess that shows the writers’ focus on deep characterization, which is possible for a weekly show.


I was going to say the same thing as far as Shade. I knew back in the first episode that he was there.


Also the new Hourman unless he lives with grandparents or aunts and uncles. Cause his parents were killed in a “automotive accident” at least that’s what Pat said.

This episode was a good episode.
Love the Jakeem name drop. Yolanda looks great as wildcat. The cowl looks a little off but I’ll get use to it.
Pretty smart detective work by those two.


When Yolanda was in a catsuit, it’s hard not to say she’s Catwoman!
The thing about her family that I find sad is that they’re not forgiving family. Yes what she did was wrong and she pay the price for it. If she was my daughter, I would say to her what she did was stupid and wrong, I love her and forgiven her for what she did and move on with our lives.
My favorite part was what Courtney did to the pink pen by clicking it really fast and nothing happens! I can’t wait to see Pat’s reaction when meeting the new JSA!:grinning:


That’s right I wanted to bring up Yolanda’s family. The fact that only her brother is there to stand up for is wrong. I dont get it. Like her parents have never done anything stupid in their early lives.

Plus I really hope that the ISA was not involved in the Wizard’s wife accident. To me it seems like the same thing happened to Hourman and it stinks.

Love the details of Dragon King by the way. The even got him to blink like a lizard.


Shade! Jakeem! Remember what I said about Jakeem being Mike’s friend I was right! At this point though I doubt that Mike will get the pen at this point though. Also Shade betrayed the Injustice Society! Ok I don’t know if anyone knew this but there are 13 episodes and only 12 episode titles known who knows what it could be: “Jakeem” “Shade” “Shining Knight” “Air Wave” also I am saying this untitled episode may be the last one coming after what I am assuming to be the penultimate episode two parter of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part 1 and 2 also I say Air Wave because maybe here is a theory that glowing room in the Injustice Society headquarters is Air Wave 1 captured and he will say “I have a son, find him” when we come back from a cliffhanger setting up Courtney meeting a kid who has been transferred from another school in Blue Valley this kid’s name will be “Hal Jordan” aka Air Wave 2!


OH! I either forgot or didn’t connect the dots about his family. I’m kinda bad at remembering some characters names. Maybe he was adopted too guess we’ll see.

I thought the Wildcat cowl also looked very round in the promo poster but it looked a bit better in the show for me. The lighting and angles they chose helped a bit but yeah it could shave off a few inches or some kind of adjustments to make it look less bulky/round.


And can someone elxplain how the thunder pen works? Not to familiar with the thunder character, does the genie have to pick someone? Does Courtney have to click the pen three times? Are there even any rules to the pen?