Stargirl S1, E13 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

Holy goodness! What a FInale that was!

We start out with the amazing example of bad parenting by the principal (RIP) as Isaac is bashing his bully’s head in with his tuba - all while the middle of the football field opens up and a giant satellite carrying Brainwave’s signal appears.

Beth figures out they can bring the signal of Justin & Pat out if they turn on the blockers within the tunnel – which they do by making the Gambler focus on losing his money.

Then the epic fighting begins! Stargirl vs Icicle, Hourman vs Solomon Grundy, Wildcat vs…Henry?

And Mike - saving people with a truck. Gotta really love that kid now.

While all ends well, that doesn’t mean it’s over. Make sure to watch for a post-credit scene!

If you haven’t watched episode 13 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


Is the eps not playing for anyone else?

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Whoa!!! Talk about amazing teases for Season 2!



Let’s not forget that Yolanda’s cousin Alex Montez who was a host in the comics has already been introduced. Could we perhaps be seeing him get a hold of the Heart of Darkness next season…

But perhaps the biggest surprise of all…Sylvester Pemberton is alive!!!


That was amazing…100% delivered! Hope CW enjoys the censored version!


That was an amazing season finale. Hopefully Cam finds out who his father was and isn’t raised by his grandparents teaching him evil, I’d like a good Icicle Jr. All of it was amazing…especially that end, how the hell is he alive


I’m speechless, my jaw literally droped when Sylvester Pemberton showed up out of nowhere, absolutely loved the episode.


:scream::scream::scream: My reaction at the end. It was really cool to see Solomon Grundy in action. I really enjoyed the Season i hope the CW doesn’t mess it up


I hope that hints at some cosmic converter belt action next season.


Wow what a great finale

Who would have guessed that a man named the gamblers greatest weakness would be his money.

Fully dressed JSA VS ISA fight!

Dudeeee finally Solomon Grundy I waited all season for this.

The Henry moment was a complete twist and shock, great job.

Hour Man “my turn” line got me super pumped.

There’s obviously more to Solomon Grundy and his story, please please explore that.

Wow icicle actually shattered that was pretty cool. Mike coming in clutch for the win! “Does this mean I get to join the JSA” great line.

Tons of teasers. Shade, eclipso, Starman.

What a great image of Stargirl and stripe sitting in front of the flag.

I for sure thought an after credit scene would be Courtney getting braces.

The only thing they didn’t wrap up was icicle jr and what going on with him; and the thunderbolt pen.


Wonder about how sportsmaster, tigress, and artemis are gonna pan out…


It’s gonna be a long wait for season 2


This episode was super awesome, and it leaves so much for season 2. It seems that the ISA had an encounter with the Royal Flush Gang


I also liked how at the end it honoured Geoff Johns sister, that was very heartwarming on top of the already heartwarming scenes.


I cried when i saw the dedication

Courtney Elizabeth Johns

She would have been so proud of her brother Geoff

She lives on in his creation
Stargirl who is another Courtney


courtney called herself Pats daughter!!! shiv gets revenge so thats another member of the ISA defeated by the villains, maybe the freezing of the goglles will be reveled todamage Beth’s eyesight making her slowly go blind?


Probably the laziest, most paint by numbers ending I’ve ever seen. The bad guys lose, the jsa saves the day with seconds to spare. All the good guys lived and learned valuable life lessons. I’m truly deeply disappointed.


Love all the action and Adventures. I think this episode really pay Tributes to the real Courtney, I think Courtney John was either a fan of Home Alone 2 and love Christmas. 2 Christmas song played in the series from the movie, 1st was in the first episode when we were introduced to young Courtney, song played ‘Alone For Christmas.’ And this episode Jingle bells rock.
I just love every bit of it including Grundy!:slightly_smiling_face:


The dedication was an excellent touch, as others have pointed out. The heartwarming moments were the episode’s highlights for me, like Courtney calling herself Pat’s daughter and Courtney giving Pat the mug, I’ve loved seeing their relationship develop over the season. Stargirl has been very much about a family, the Whitmore-Dugans, and its a family that I’ve really enjoyed watching. Barb and Mike, not just Pat and Courtney, have all had their moments. What a season. Not completely perfect, but definitely some of the best superhero television I have had the pleasure of watching.


I so agree with you.


This just shows why Stargirl cannot go to the CW. They’d never allow something this downright perfect to air in its entirety on primetime.