Stargirl S1, E12 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

We’re down to the last two episodes, and how fitting they are titled, “Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E, Part 1 & 2”!

Brainwave reveals his plan – they will turn on Ito’s machine and then the Gambler will hide the signal as a Russian takeover, allowing Brainwave to take over the whole country.

After Sporsmaster and Tigress, try to kill Pat & Barb, Courtney, her family, the JSA, and Shining Knight all go to a cabin in the woods to be safe.

Rick and The Shining Knight have a moment with Rick’s parent’s notes and how the truth about the Injustice Society’s plans have to be in there and, after deciding to break into the secret facility at different points, they find out the broadcast will kill 25% of people who are affected – but it only affects those with completely developed brains.

Of course, there’s got to be a major cliffhanger at the end of the penultimate episode and, boy, what a cliffhanger!

If you haven’t watched episode 12 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


I reallllly was upset that Fiddler is gone. I really wanted to see her more…
Also interesting twist on ISA’s plan! So pumped for the finale!


Pat, Justin, and Barbara can’t fight the reprogramming or else they’ll die. So how are they supposed to get back in control? Also I like how it’s just up to the teens now, what they’ve been training. Also I need Cameron to become a good Icicle Jr. it’s never been seen, he’s always evil. So many awesome things can happen in the finale. I can’t wait. I also want to see what Mike does for the JSA, because I’m glad he knows and I hope he’ll be an important part. Maybe he’ll drive STRIPE in the next episode. No doubt he followed them into the tunnels


Loved seeing sports master and tigress in action again, I just wish crusher was in his sports master gear.

Barb in awe of Courtney while she was fighting was a nice moment.

We all go some motherly advice from the fiddler.

I wonder where mikes story is going, hopefully he has some big plans in the final episode.

I DID NOT see the ISA taking out one of their own.

Pat mentioning his contact in the FBI. Thats Mister America right?

Please please please give me a huge Solomon Grundy fight next week.


I was expecting an ending similar to this one but I wasn’t expecting the way it went down, loved the episode can’t wait for the epic season finale.


That twist at the ending reminded me of Watchmen. Also, it’s an interesting role reversal from the comics. Instead of taking over the minds of children and Courtney attacking Pat, it’s taking over the minds of adults and Pat attacking Courtney. Really hyped for the finale now. The scene with Isaac and the shot on the Fiddler’s violin makes me think that he’s going to follow in the family business now that his mother is dead. Mike was another standout for me. At the beginning of the season, I wasn’t sure about him at first. But he’s won me over since.


I’m disappointed that they never really used Fiddler. It feels like a waste!


I loved how sportsmaster was teaching pat new tricks before attempting to finish him off and how he admired STRIPE was amazing, Mike though with the drill for the win.


Watching the dog is a pretty important job that someone has to do, last thing you want coming back from defeating the ISA is to clean up a bunch of dog crap.


Mike saved his dad’s life. I also found it funny when Pat said, “Bring the drill.” And he revved it up like an engine xD


I was not expecting that death the way it played out, I mean I knew they were going to kill her because that seems to be the trend when you talk crap about their daughter but I was expecting more action, but I guess they had other, better things to do.


Absolutely fantastic.


Not much to say but… awesome.

And thank god Mike finally knows!!

What am I going to do without Stargirl and Doom Patrol?


Ah…it sucks to be an adult in times like this. :sweat_smile:


ok Mike with the drill was awesome so glad Cindy called Brainwave out on putting the blame on other people for Henry’s death or at least tried to I wonder if destroying the machine or stopping the transmission will kill or hurt brainwave negativly


Wow what an episode.

The opening fights were awesome™️. Stargirl and Barb were great. The staff helping Barb was great too. And a vase and blast for the win. The Sportsmaster and Pat fight was great. A good ole fisticuffs brawl. And Mike saves the day even better.

The ISA. Fiddler is down after the chat with her son. Wonder what will happen to him? Tigress and Sportsmaster were great. I knew they were having fun there weakness but didn’t see there betrayal (in a way) coming. Icicle still struggle with his decision. But the parents are all up for it. Gambler still doing his thing and he has a kitty. Nice. Dragon king moves forward for his plans. Cindy still bickering and the brainwave scene was nice. Brainwave was great. He the mastermind even not as the leader. The mind room he was him looks like ceribro from a mutant filled movie from the other guys.

Mike was good in the episode. Annoyed me with the drilling in the beginning. But when he found out good chat with Courtney and and now Buddy watcher very nice. Nice to see him look on the bright side but I do see jealousy coming in the future.

The JSA nice scenes all around. Yolanda still going through Henry’s death but with the mind explanation being mentioned even more I feel he’ll try to take over Brainwave or something to save them probably when he is trying to kill Yolanda. Beth with the nice hacking skills but got hacked hacking the hacker who was hacking. The new kids scene was fun. And Henry figures it out. Very awesome™️. Now I sense a Grundy fright for him coming.

Justin great as always. Very fun with the KFC meal “fit for Kings and Queens”. And with the journal as well nice stuff. He’s just so nice it’s great.

Barb and Pat great scenes together in the kitchen. Barb likening the fight was fun. Pat striping in S.T.R.I.P.E was great.

Cortney very nice scene with Mike. Coming up with the plan getting better as leader. And now Pat is on the attack.

As for the ISA’s plan like many villains have done before a plan with good intentions but the wrong execution.

And the cabin. Will is become the new JSA headquarters. It’s a very nice cabin.

Only one left​:cry:.

Will the ISA succeed? Can Stargirl fight Pat? Will Brainwave try to double cross everyone? Will Henry return? Will Mike get attacked? What about Grundy?
All this and more next time. Same Star Time Same Star Channel.


My man Mike should have his own superhero name. I’m thinking…uh…The Driller, maybe?? What do y’all think?


I’m wondering how deep this actually goes! For the ISA to actually be able to take out and FBI person and not have the government track them down! Oh my gosh!


Perfect name for Mike


In the comics, he becomes “Drillman”.