Stargirl Question - What happened to Cameron? (Spoilers)

Just finished powering through Stargirl Season 1 before we say goodbye to DC Universe.

While the show stretched my suspension of disbelief thinner than it ever has been before, it was a really fun show…

…but it left me really confused. It wrapped up every story but Cameron.

What happened to Cameron?

Did Courtney still go to the dance with him after helping to kill his dad?

Did he sit around waiting for her to show up at the dance, she never did, so he now is sitting at home waiting for his Dad to come home?

You figured they would have at least set him up as a potential character for season two, instead of erasing him from the narrative they started.

Did I miss something?

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I’m curious as well, because I thought that it was weird that we never saw him again after the family dinner at Courtney’s house. (I liked Cameron and I thought a lot about this).

I don’t think that she went to the dance with him, I feel like they would have shown us that, but after finding out that his dad was Icicle, I could see why she would have to bail. But from my knowledge from the Young Justice show, there’s Icicle and his son, Icicle Jr. Not gonna lie, I actually liked Cameron, because even though his dad wasn’t a good person, he was, and it does worry me (from an emotional standpoint) that he is gonna turn evil (basically into Icicle Jr.) and he’s going to try to pick up from where his dad left off, similarly to how Henry reacted when he found out about his dad and his powers. I wonder if we get to see his reactions to his dad’s death in season two, because after what happened in the show, with all loose ends being tied up, you cannot tell me that they forgot about Cameron, the character who we have seen; painting the messages on Yolanda’s locker with amazing art, him showing interest in Courtney, and the fact that someone had to do editing effects when he shows his ability to have ice breath; by accident.

I think this “drop” of his appearance was intentional, but also as a way to get us viewers talking about it and the show. I think this was on purpose, and I don’t blame them for it, as it gets people to be excited to see what else this show can bring in.

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Maybe, but the show had plot holes you could fly a giant robot through…IE: When did Wildcat get super powers that allowed her to fall off a building and land on her feet without going splat…heck when did she get any super powers? So much on that show was never explained.

Still it was very fun.
I’m wondering if they just forgot.

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They did actually, whenever they searched Wildcat’s powers on Wikipedia, it said that he always landed on his feet. That’s why initially they wanted her to jump off a building to see if it would work for her, but they decided not to risk it just in case, until she actually had to do it, of course. It’s a small part though, as they only had a little bit of time to test out her suit before they needed to sneak into the hospital.

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A deleted scene said the dance happened when Star was in the hospital, so they did not go. It was dropped for clashing with episode eight’s mood.


Wow…where can we see the deleted scenes?


A production member discussed it on reddit. We were all hoping we could see it. The cast discussed a few on twitter.

The details given is that Cameron gave Star a corsage in the hospital, and it was too deemed too happy for an episode about rising tension.

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That makes sense, thank you for sharing this information, cause even after the dinner, we hadn’t seen Cameron, so I’m wondering if we’re going to see his story continue in season two.

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He is on the season 2 cast.

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