Stargirl Poll

Since her first appearance in comics back in May 1999, Stargirl has so far had 3 different actresses playing her in a live action roles. Which of Actress do you like the best playing Stargirl? :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Britt Irvin (Smallville)
  • Sarah Grey (Legend Of Tomorrow)
  • Brec Bassinger (Stargirl)

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I have to say brec. Legend’s was fun but wasn’t in much and I don’t think I’ve seen smallville’s.


Brec no contest


Bassinger unlike the others was cast to play a lead. It makes sense she is the best. That is not accounting for how much she looks like the comic character come to life and how well she captures her energy, compassion, selfishness, bluntness, rashness, daughterly characteristics. :stargirl: :stargirl: :stargirl: :stargirl: :stargirl:

Irvin looks too old (Dad kept calling her “Starwoman”), but she did capture her devotion to the team and role as their heart. It does help that she had a key role on the best episode of the entire series (Absolute Justice). :stargirl: :stargirl: :stargirl:

I have seen clips of Grey (I have no interest in the Arrowverse). I am mostly distracted at how I dislike the costume. It is too dark. In addition it did not feel like Stargirl. :stargirl:


I’m just amazed by the biggest landslide by Brec, who is by far my favorite actress to play Stargirl.
As for Britt Irvin, I thought she did really good. The Smallville episode did help by making me want more of JSA. That was really good.
As for Sarah Grey, I haven’t seen her as Stargirl in Legend of Tomorrow, but the costume just look awful, it was looking like a costplay costume without any effort. I’ve seen alot of cosplay costume of any characters from the fans, and their costume is by far way better.
And that’s my opinion.:slightly_smiling_face:


Okay guys. We have to think of a poll that is an even bigger blowout.


Sooooo… today I learned that 3 actresses have played Stargirl (live action). I guess we know where my vote goes then.


I voted for Brec because she’s the Stargirl we’ve seen of the most, the other two actresses have only been in a few episodes so we don’t get the whole range of character. In Smallville, we saw that Stargirl help the League act more like a family as opposed to just colleagues which stayed with them until the end of the series. The Legends of Tomorrow version we didn’t get a lot, she created Camelot and was in love with Arthur but other than that, not much.


Interesting fact: of the three only Brec is an American.