Stargirl non spoilercquestion

Even in the final battle with the jsa how come none of the villans recognize pat now?

My guest would be it’s always dark when he and Starman and JSA fight crime. Ten years later he’s in a robot suit, 10 years is a long time, after seeing so many people, a person can likely forget that 1 single person they haven’t seen In a long time.
Pat probably stay undercover til he can find a way to capture the injustice, and something else happened, he soon got married. And now the Stargirl series begins. :slightly_smiling_face:

He isn’t wearing a striped shirt. :wink:


Pat was Slyvester’s sidekick and from the dialogue in the first episode, wasn’t invited when the JSA were fighting together.

I dont understand how the Injustice Society killed so many members and they clearly show Hourman in the fight but then he survives and gets to his wife. How did this happen?