Stargirl news? where?

Is anyone else wondering where ANY news is regarding the Stargirl series? The info has completely stopped as if it’s no longer happening


I think they’re probably just focusing on pushing the stuff that’s coming sooner. They’re probably saving information so they have some to reveal closer to Stargirl’s release so they can generate hype.

More than likely you won’t hear anything about it until the end of the year or beginning of 2020 It’s not due out until spring of 2020 I believe

NYCC I guess

Applejack has said in answer to this question “you gotta save some stuff for NYCC”

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Actually yes. This show was one of my most anticipated when they announced the shows they were creating. Her connection to the JSA & her character itself has got me stoked. Hopefully it will sneak up & dominate from the second it airs. I really believe it has the potential to.

I think Stargirl can do well. It’s likely to be TV-14 rating. That will bring in some additional viewers, especially those with kids who might not have been ok with the TV-MA rating on the first three live action series.

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