Stargirl looks pleasantly awesome

I’m very pleased with everything about the costume. They kept her iconic shorts, gloves and long sleeves. It’s like she lept from the page. I’m just hoping her boots are accurate though.
She’s my favorite design since Black Manta.

Comic accurate costumes will always be better.


I love it too. if that isn’t Courtney Whitmore come to life I don’t know what it. I am so hyped for Stargirl… it’ll be SCHWAY!


She definitely has the look down! I haven’t been this impressed since I saw Donna Troy on Titans.


As fantastic as she looks, did you notice the background? It’s freakin’ STRIPE! :heart_eyes:

With this kind of attention to comic accuracy, I can’t wait to see the rest of the JSA.


@Super-Squirrel Holy cow I didn’t even notice that! S.T.R.I.P.E. seriously can this show get here already… I knew they cast Pat Dugan but assumed they couldn’t pull of S.T.R.I.P.E. but she will have her “not a robot sidekick” Robot Sidekick fighting alongside her… seriously I can’t remember the last time I have been this excited for a show. This is going to be amazing I can feel it.


That promo image made me smile. I hope it pleased Geoff Johns too.


The costume looks comics accurate and well made, but there’s something that doesn’t work for me with the promo image, a faint touch of uncanny valley or discomfort. I remember Tyler Hoechlin’s promo image was weird too and he turned out great, so I’m just going to attribute my eeeh feeling to photoshopping for now.

Right on! Just saw it.

The only problem has been delayed half a year

First off, love that description – pleasantly awesome, not a common word combo. :grin:

Second, while it sucks that they give us this great first look then delay it, if I had to choose between Stargirl and Titans Season 2, I’m choosing Titans every time. I need to know what happens next!


Cool costume

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She looks fantastic. Don’t love delays but rather have them do it right than fast.

And take a look at the detail on both the Cosmic Staff and the Cosmic Converter Belt.

Even Aquaman’s trident wasn’t as glorious, and this is all done on a TV budget!

That promo image should be titled “My next superhero actress crush coming 2020!”