Stargirl Is Gonna Die On CW

I love Stargirl and the latest episode just made me really sad. Not only because of the ending of the episode but also because I know we wont get this same production value on the CW for season 2. It’s also a bummer that when the show goes to the CW it’ll probably join the arrow verse and I must say I absolutely hate the arrow verse. anyone else have the same fears?


Watch it fix the Arrowverse instead.


Well at the end of the crisis on infinite earths arrowverse crossover they did show stargirl as one of the alternate universes so it may already be in the arrowverse. Same with Titans, Doom patrol, and the flash from justice league movie.


This last episode really bummed me out. It was seriously one of the best episodes from a DC show that I have ever seen. I seriously hope the CW doesn’t ruin this show!


Completly agree, not only that there will not be any more DCU Originals, once DCU becomes a DCU Comic app, Titans should have made up for Stargirl moving since Titans is average to bad, and it is the worst one here.


See i hope Henry jr is back for season 2 he was my favorite character but his character was interesting but to find out his dad killed his mom moments before he is killed :sob:


I wouldn’t worry too much about it dying on the CW. Supergirl started with a great budget on CBS and adapted to the lower budget on CW. It is still alive many years later. No series lives forever, but I think Stargirl has a few years left in it.

It’s not going to be exactly the same, but if they keep the showrunners, the difference will mostly be in special fx.


Flash needs to be cancelled to make way for new shows, or put all their efforts to recasting Erza Miller, and make a good Flash film. Legends also needs to cancelled, pushing these shows too far is not good. If they make Stargirl 22 Episodes I am going to flip.


No CW show is on the level of Stargirl except Arrow Season 01/02 and Flash Season 01 were it is universally praised.


Having said all this Geoff Johns WILL make it work.


But Also Post Covid is going to be noticeble in our lives including shows.


I think most of the the show’s over the next few years are gonna be really trying to be PC and its gonna really drag them down


I think that is a big threat to it dropping in quality more then CW. Even if CW actually were to spend the same money that DCU did on it (highly unlikely since it would by far be their most expensive show ever, but going down the rabbit hole) shows under the new guidelines will apparently be more expensive and be forced to have little or no physical contact. So I think superhero shows can suffer the most. I mean Stargirl can shoot people at a distance with her staff and shoudl Henry somehow survive he can toss people around with his mind, but what does Rick do? Throw cars at people? And Yolanda?

Granted guessing it will be a whil before they can film Stargirl… nothing is still filming right now, they say August things will start filming but they said July before.

Covid will have a big effect on shows both on networks and online at least in the short term. I think some are not realizing this especially since there is a huge group of people shocked and outraged the Marvel shows have been moved back because apparently everyone thought they were going to a release a show they hadn’t finished filming yet. So most I don’t think have really let it sink in that the world is different now, all that talk of “opening the economy” didn’t actually mean now things are back to normal.


Yes I am happy with DCU 2 Year run I will give it a B+ , I will absorb and enjoy everything that manage to make it before the shutdowns. The Boys, Mandolorian, WW84, Suicide Squad, Etc.

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It’s such a shame too because this show is getting so good. I’ll try to catch it on CW but it’s just a lot more convenient to stream it on here.


It will be on HBOMax after season wraps up starting with Season 01 I belive.


They try to make these shows for the general viewing audience,and leave easter eggs for long-time readers/collectors.
Look at the movie posters in front of Dallas theater. Merri Girl of a 1,000 gimmicks? Homage to the max! I want to see other Starman’s. Especially Jack Knight. Enjoying James Robinson’s run brought me back to reading comics,after thinking I had finally outgrowned reading “funny books”

trust me, your not alone the cw will make it more dramatic because they do that for all there show’s, and the bad language will be cut down and probably at some politics to the max but again who knows. maybe things will be different :joy: hopefully they keep the same or close to same energy as the dcu high ep count don’t mean anything if the story is all over the place

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stargirl will be on hbomax?

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Not all CW shows go downhill. Look at Supernatural. The first four/five seasons were pretty good, then it went downhill with almost no acknowledgement other than a Scooby Doo episode and maybe one or two more, and now with their final season, the show piques interest again.

Arrow had flaws, but it was pretty good. Smallville moved from WB to CW.

The quality has already slightly changed. Instead of hour long or fifty minute episodes, episodes are now around the forty mark (just like CW shows).

I think it’s still too early to make an assessment on CW’s treatment. That will be reserved for when 2x01 airs.