Stargirl – Future JSA Members

After watching the first few episodes of Stargirl, I have a weird hunch. I have a feeling that Yolanda’s brother might eventually join the JSA (maybe not until a later season). I don’t know which hero he would be, though. Does anybody else think this might happen?

Does anyone else have any thoughts on potential future JSA members?


That’s a very interesting theory. Cool idea.:slightly_smiling_face:


They’ve mentioned Jakeem, so that’s a possibility.


Could be a cool idea. I mean, we really don’t know anything about him, but if they gave him some good character development and time; I’d be open to it.

I was thinking a Jakeem style character like @superby1 said. Thunderbolt pen is already established to be in Courtney’s possession; and Jakeem was also a memorable character of Geoff Johns’ JSA run from 2006. I’m sure he’s going to try and get as much of that JSA into the show as possible.


@OmniLad once I heard Jakeem’s name, I could already picture him needing to borrow a pen. The big question is how are they going to get the whole “Cei-U/Say You” thing into effect. It’s sure gonna be fun finding out!


Was looking in Infinity Inc. where they state that Brainwave Sr. Was married to The Star Spangled Kid’s adopted Sister, Merry, The Girl of a Thousand Gimmicks and that she was Mother to Brainwave Jr… is this going to be used in Stargirl series?

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Im hoping the shining knight joins

I have to say that Stargirl is one of the best written shows to come out of the Arrowverse since the Flash. I love that they are bringing back characters that I grew up with. I think it’s a given that Green Lantern will be the next JSA member to appear. But who I am most excited about seeing are Dr Fate and Jonny Thunder.

Considering how much of Infinity Inc. is being pulled from so far, it makes me wonder who else from that series will eventually come into play in this one. I don’t think they’d be giving the lantern so much airtime if it weren’t important somehow. It’s be interesting if Fate found a new host and joined the team as well…so many possibilities.

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I need the rest of Stargirl to come out!!!


I imagine stumbling upon it accidentally.

Courtney: Hey, you can’t do that.
Jakeem: Says who?
Courtney: Says (someone).
Jakeem: No, say you.

Something like that; I’m not a writer. Hopefully, you get my point.


I think it is a possibility that Yolanda’s brother could eventually become a JSA member, but I don’t know which hero he would be. Others have mentioned Jakeem and they have been teasing us with Thunderbolt, so J. J. Thunder could eventually appear. Looking at the titles of future episodes, episode no. 10 is “Brainwave Jr.” Now Brainwave Jr. was a founding member of Infinity Inc., so I think it is possible that Henry King Jr. could join the JSA. Of course, if the character unfolds in the books, he would turn out to be a villain soon enough!

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I would love to read the comics but I’m not a member!!! The show is good tho

@LilyTangyGreen that’s great! Love it! :joy:

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Imagine being a civilian and running into one of ISA members

It would suck