Stargirl - differences between DCU and CW versions?

I’ve noticed that the DCU version is 10 minutes longer than the CW version. What was omitted? Also can anyone confirm if the DCU version is a higher resolution than the CW version? It just feels like it is.


The CW version is cut down to allow for commercials. The DCU version is in 4k, whereas the CW version is not :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen the CW version yet so I’m not sure what’s changed, but I hope others will chime in!


So far: No WB or DC Logo, Starman saying “The Justice Society… they’re gone”, an extra frame of the supervillains, Courtney Whitmore saying “Me neither” and her friend saying, “I really am going to miss you”, Pat going through the supervillain files, and extra frames that last up to a second longer (about 4). All of this takes place up to the first commercial break, and there are five more parts (four more commercial breaks), so I will update after each part.

Edit 1: More scenes of friendly neighbors and Pat trying to talk to Courtney, Courtney passing people in the hallway, Pat driving to the “car place”? and saying, “Okay… I can work with this.”, more extended frames, “The American dream…” all the way to “we think so too” said by Courtney’s Mom’s boss? after she looked at her work a little longer, Courtney meeting the cheerleading captain, detention all the way to Courtney seeing a dad and daughter in the diner, Courtney seeing a young picture of Pat, and a couple of other scenes that aren’t too significant. Attempting 100% synchronization is not easy.

Edit 2: A little bit more of Courtney trying to handle the cane inside the house and I didn’t notice the exact moments where synchronization differed, but there is a bit more at the drive in movie, but I don’t think anything significant. To save time and writing, I might limit the edits to significant scenes (ten seconds or longer, maybe).

Edit 3: Yes, it takes over ten seconds for Brainwave to use telekinesis to open up a drawer and put a key to get the suit, which was not in the CW version.

Edit 4: More of Brainwave looking at the hidden suit and picture of his wife, Brainwave talking to Jordan on the phone, and more cane stunts.

Final: I didn’t notice too much difference, but there was a bit more to the Brainwave telekinetically pulling Courtney. That’s it. Not sure if people on Movie-Censorship look at this, but as long as that website is safe and they do not look at this, wait a few days, and someone will post images, timestamps, dialogue- the “whole 9 yards”. But, getting another record isn’t so bad either.


Thanks this is good stuff.


CW version has more love triangles, and more characters inexplicably lying to each other. (I kid because I love)