Stargirl Courtney Flight 800

Stargirl Flight 800

Remains of Flight 800
Where Courtney Johns
Died enroute to Paris
To be destroyed


This backstory is a major reason I am a big fan of Johns, and why I knew it was watching Stargirl. With that personal connection there were only three possibilities.

  1. Terrific
  2. Trainwreck
  3. Great trainwreck

Either way it would keep my attention.


That was so sad and heartbreaking, I remember that story very well.
I’ve read about Courtney, we’re just few month old in a same age.
I think what Geoff Johns did, making a character after his sister is so nice, a great way to celebrate her memory. :stargirl:


I wonder how weird it is for him to write things like love interests for her, her fights with Mike (if he actually based Mike on himself then he has either horrible self-esteem or very high self-esteem) her get clobbered, or that time Grundy Was about to rape her.