Stargirl Cheat Sheet

If you’re like me you are terrible with names. There are so many characters in this show sometimes its hard to remember them all. Below I have tried to compile a cheat sheet for your weekly viewings. (will continue to update)

Name: Courtney Whitmore
AKA: Stargirl
Played By: Brec Bassinger

Name: Yolanda Montez
AKA: Wildcat
Played By: Yvette Monreal

Name: Beth Chapel
AKA: Hourman
Played By: Anjelika Washington

Name: Henry King Jr.
AKA: Brainwave
Played By: Jake Austin Walker

Name: Cindy Burman
AKA: Shiv
Played By: Meg Delacy

Name: Jordan Mahkent
AKA: Icicle
Played By: Neil Jackson

Name: Rick Tyler
AKA: Hourman
Played By: Cameron Gellman

Name: Henry King Sr.
AKA: Brainwave
Played By: Christopher James Baker

Name: Steven Sharpe
AKA: The Gambler
Played By: Eric Goins


Name: Anya Bowin
AKA: The Fiddler
Played By: Hina Khan

Name: Lawrence Crock
AKA: Sportsmaster
Played By: Neil Hopkins


Name: Janitor Justing
AKA: Shining Knight
Played By: Mark Ashworth

Name: Paula Brooks
AKA: Tigress
Played By: Joy Osmanski


Name: Artemis Crock
AKA: Artemis
Played By: Stella Smith