Stargirl Casting News

Joel McHale is cast as Starman. Lou Ferrigno Jr is cast as Hourman.

I actually like both of these casting choices. I’m starting to get excited for Stargirl.

DC Universe is landing some great talent.


Haha I literally just posted exact same thing right above u I’m sorry :neutral_face:. I didn’t see anybody talking about it & it’s unreal. Stargirl & the JSA are some of my all time favorites! I can’t wait for this show. Lou looks unreal as Hourman.


I was surprised no one was talking about it. I tried to make this post and realized it’s probably because the tags on this community board kind of suck. You can’t post a thread without a tag, but they don’t have and Stargirl tags.

Lou Ferrigno Jr. looks great. I can’t wait for the Hourman costume reveal. The Titans/Doom Patrol costumes have been amazing.


There’s a costume reveal on the news section that’s when I came straight to the threads & looked down but yours was right below me at the time so I missed it. It’s awesome. I love the Courtney Whitmore pic u posted it’s awesome. I have her bombshells statue & 6” figure. The bombshells statue is unreal. I put it up on DC shrine thread. U can see most of her she’s blocked a bit by Supergirl, Hathaway Catwoman, & Huntress busts.


Well, here’s another reason to get excited:

Super stoked!


And no worries, @nu52! We got tags for Stargirl, Starman, Hourman and Wildcat coming at’cha real soon! :smiley:


Wow!! Just saw Wildcat speechless

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Wildcat is in the show and it’s well casted! Awesome

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I always wished they had done more with Wildcat on Arrow. I’m glad DC Universe will include him on this show. We really are getting to see the JSA and that makes me happy.

@KittyKrawler Good to know more tags are coming!

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@ djd187.81432

I didn’t see the costume reveal. I must have missed it. I only saw the art they included in the news section.

I am so excited to see Stargirl, I remember how cool and amazing that Smallville 2 part episodes of Clark meeting the JSA. The costume for Stargirl, Doctor Fate and Hawkman looked really amazing! I just hope this show will be a TV-14 and not TV-MA. :slight_smile:

I could see them going lighter with Stargirl. Starman has some darkness to him. I’m not too familiar with Hourman.


There’s darkness in Stargirl but yes I agree it will probably be lighter for the most part. I love both & the casting, even tho it just started, has got me even more excited than I already was which I didn’t think was possible.

I wonder if Stargirl will be their own thing or if it will have ties to Titans and Doom Patrol.

That’s my fault it was Alex Ross painting. Why does he have to be so good I thought I was looking at the real thing. I got so excited I read article & saw picture & thought it was the costume reveal.


So with u on the Smallville comment. I totally geeked out when the JSA appeared on there. Stargirl was awesome & the only live action Zatanna as of now, but I’m hearing promising rumors that could finally end. That was a deserving Zatanna too actress did her justice.

Henry Thomas will be Dr. Mid-Nite.

I know him from E.T. where he played Elliott :slight_smile:

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Yep one of my all time favorites Charles McNider & Hooty. I knew this would be heavily JSA influenced (obviously) but it’s still so exciting to hear the announcements when they break.

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Henry Thomas is another nice addition to the already impressive cast on various DCU shows

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Joy Osmanski is going to play Tigress.

Neil Hopkins is going to play Sportsmaster.

Nelson Lee is going to play Dragon King.