Starfire's Hair/Beast Boy not green

Am i the only one this bothers? Don’t get me wrong, regardless i’m super excited to watch Titans, but I just feel like they could have done better with the hair? It just seems like a cheap knock off hot pink wig. That’s the feeling i get from it :frowning:

And I guess it would be to much trouble to get beast boy to put on body paint so many times? idk. But it still bothers me.

They went all out with Robins costume, and Raven’s look. but i guess they aren’t as hard.

What do you guys think?

Anyone else hoping they still incorporate cyborg some how?

A retro looking cyborg might be cool!


Like just google Titans starfire hair, and you’ll see the actress come up in pics. But in most of those pics the hair styles she has are actually better! Like the one where she has straight hair leading into drills, that looks better. Or another I’ve seen with her she just has wavy long hair, that would be better. I just don’t like the hair style they chose…

This just end, i read about a bit of spoiler about the pilot and starfire’s profile…i don’t want spoil anything lets just say i’m not longer mad about her hair…but beast boy should still be green!!! Come on!!!

The hair is beyond horrid, but that hooker coat really angers me.

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Anna Diop is such a beautiful actress they did her a disservice with her entire costume. I don’t even get the fur coat, but at least it detracts from the prostitute dress. After watching the hair and makeup they did on Brainiac 5 in Supergirl I’m not upset they kept Beastboy the way he is. As long as the CGI is good. Some of the CGI around Raven didn’t look so polished, but they have some time to clean it up. They did a good job on Robin, but I’m afraid they spent so much on the Robin costume it’ll take them forever to get to Nightwing.

The quality doesn’t have to be that good anyway, a lot of people like me are going to be watching it on our little phone screens because they don’t have a kindle tablet app or fire app.


I guess Beast Boy being green all the time is a budget thing and I imagine standing still to be body painted before each shoot would get tiresome.

looks like it will be a CW type show but R rated. all i hope for is that its ok. casting a green and an orange person maybe was harder than you think on a tv budget.

Still excited to see it but yeah starfires look bugs me a bit,she’s supposed to be an alien from another planet but looks like a girl in a wig.

“Wait and see” is where I’m at. I don’t like the CGI only effects previewed, but I also feel that we are only seeing material from the pilot. Maybe future eps will move things along and we’ll all be happy.

It will be weird if this sucks but somehow spawns a spin-off Doom Patrol with Timothy Dalton, Alan Tudyk, and Brendan Frasier.

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This show is definitely rated ‘R’. Based on what I’ve seen so far, by the time you finish these episodes you won’t be thinking about what they’re looking like! It stays so true to the characters core that it makes this a refreshing re-imagining .


I still can’t bring myself to refer to Gar as Beast Boy. He’ll always be Changeling to me. I’ve never understood why DC decided to have Gar revert to his former name.

I googled her first appearance and it doesn’t look far off when you think about it. Both are big with volume like a lion’s mane


I’m pretty sure the skin tone is part saving money but a bigger part of showing that the titans are trying to blend in. To blend in they have to mask their powers and doings so reverts their skin tone to a human one. That’s just my take on it. But on this cover they all clearing are showing their true colors


We shall see. thanks for all the comments. If they wanted to save on money with skintone, perhaps they could have went with Spanish or Asian to a closer look? I’m also disappointed that her energy/firebolts aren’t green…But who knows maybe her acting will be so good we won’t care. I like a fresh take on characters, just so long as they aren’t too far off, that it’s basically a different character. I just really hope she looses the hooker coat…i mean really…I feel like starfire might make or break the show.


Honestly the coat and the wig…please change.

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I’m fine with Starfire and Beast Boy’s look, with the exception of Starfire’s hair and coat. Ha, actually the coat more than anything. I get why they didn’t do the body paint thing, that causes more problems than it’s worth 90% of the time.

I have nothing against any of the actors (they are all amazing!) but I do wish the makeup department would have put in a little more time and effort. Nailing the comic book look may not make the actual performance better but it is definitely awe inspiring to see the characters on the screen look like the characters I like in the comics! Also, I don’t think anyone mentioned this but aren’t the teen titans like teenagers? Shouldn’t the actors be teens? I am still excited regardless!

Also, I hope Damian Wayne shows up somewhere in the show! I love that little brat! Kid Flash (New 52) and Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) would make cool cameos/additions to the team as well!

I’d honestly consider stop watching if Damian was brought in and especially a main character

About Starfire…maybe she’ll get a new look in s2!? Perhaps she ends s1 with a costume and then in s2 she has a new hair style

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