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Hello members of the @CharactersOfDC and welcome to C of DC’S June session and our second annual Pride Month offering. This month we will be talking and reading about a fan favorite member of the Teen Titans who has also had quite the amount of screen time across various tv series and movies. I am speaking of course of the Princess of Tamaran herself, Koriand’r better known as Starfire. We will be taking a look not only at stories spanning decades here but also her TV and animated appearences.

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Some Basic Character Information

  • Creators: Marv Wolf man & George Perez
  • First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980)

Character Chronology

Character Wiki

Now this month I’m going to try something a little bit different then in previous months. I would like to experiment with a Fan Favorite Story that we will cover in the final week of this session. Let me know via messaging what story (Title & Issue Numbers) you would like to see covered.

Other than that I will be posting each weekly session for the month below every Sunday beginning Sunday June 5th.

Coming Up

  • July: Third Annual Villains Month Featuring Death stroke!

  • August: The Freedom Fighters are in the house!**

  • September: Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld!


Since this will be a short week because of the holiday today the only question I am going to put to you all is this: When did you first encounter Starfire?


I first encountered Starfire in the New Teen Titans, which is still my favorite team book ever. I loved her relationship with Robin and then Nightwing. Her friendship with Wonder Girl was also well done.


i saw starfire teen titans animation series she is great hero and heart of the team i enjoy her relationship dick grayson starfire will be a teen titans member.


One Blackfire but only b/c she has jazz hands :open_hands:


I almost bought some issues of the original Starfire over the weekend!

This was my first encounter with Starfire back in the 1970s.


I first met Starfire as a kid watching Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. I quickly fell in love with the Teen Titans and started reading their comics, which I still read to this day.

I think my favorite version of Starfire though is the one we meet in Justice League vs. Teen Titans. I feel like Starfire is always shown as this sweet naive girl, and in reality, she is tough and a bad ass. We get to see that tougher side of her with leading the team and even messing with Nightwing a bit.


Those were all very cool answers and I especially liked all the figures and images that you posted.

Now on to our actual Week One session which features Starfire’s first appearance in DC Comics Presents, along side the rest of New Teen Titans team.

* DC Comics Presents (1978) #26

Discussion Point

  • Question: What did you think of Starfire’s first appearance in this issue?

I have actually never read this particular story before. It was nice to see Starfire in action. I don’t remember anything about her not needing to breathe oxygen in any other stories. I can see this story getting people interested in the upcoming Titans comic.


I hadn’t read this story either @scoop001. At the time this story came out I was more of a Marvel fan than a DC one. It was nice to see her first appearance and seeing how things began.


For Week Two I thought we’d talk about everyone’s favorite Starfire TV appearance. She has had so many with the most recognized probably being the Teen Titans cartoon that aired during the early 2000s.

So which of Starfire’s tv appearances did you like best and why?


I think I’m split between the Teen Titans Animated Show, and the Starfire of Justice League vs Teen Titans and Teen Titans Judas Contract.

The Teen Titans Animated Series is how I met Starfire. I liked her bubbly innocent character who just wanted to see the good in the world, despite the fact that as heroes, they saw a lot of bad.

I really like the Starfire of the Teen Titans DC Animated Universe though because she is the most similar to her comic self. She’s sweet, bubbly, but she’s lived a hard life before coming to earth. She has this toughness about her that I feel let’s her do her job better. Let’s her help take care of young heroes (like we saw in the 2003 Teen Titans comic run). I also just love how much she teases Dick in these movies, which I feel like is a nice change of pace from her always chasing after him.


All of that is exactly why I liked those movies so much. I liked Starfire’s toughness in them as a nice change from her portrayal in the Teen Titans cartoon.


Me too! Those movies were just amazing! Even in Dark Apocalypse War when Darkside takes her shows what kind of warrior she is.




And now it’s time to for us to choose next week’s story to discuss.

What are some of your favorite Starfire stories in the comics? Is it something from when she first came on the scene in New Teen Titans or is something more recent? Let me know below!


I would recommend the introduction of her sister Blackfire or when she and Dick go to Tamaran. These are both from the 80s Titans comics.

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I was sick all last week so the final post for this month will be a little late so I apologize for that.


DC89 pivots to Starfire channeling mode

I think that this story is one of the most favorite of mine. It’s the origin of the Starfire and it is the wonderful!

The hooray!

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Okay folks, sorry for the delay but here is the final post for the month and it’s a two stories that I really rather enjoyed reading that were mentioned by scoop001 and DC89.

* New Teen Titans #23-25 plus Annual #1

Which is the first story that Starfire’s sister, Blackfire, appears in. This is a rematch made in well…um…Hades? Yeah we’ll just go with that.

And then there’s

* Tales of the New Teen Titans #4

Which is a good ole fashioned origin story. Who doesn’t love those?

In both cases I would like to ask what it was that you learned about Starfire by reading these two stories?

And that’s it for this month. Remember that July brings us to our Annual Villains Month and this year we are continuing a bit on this Teen Titans track with a villain who has long been a thorn in the side of the young heroes. Of course I’m talking about Deathstroke! Hope to see you there on July 5th.