Starfire and Nightwing

Please make Starfire and Nightwing have a romantic relationship ( not just ex’s) in rebirth or in any other series EVER!!!

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I don’t think Nightwing is in a state right now to have a romantic relationship with an Alien from outerspace. It seems like that might happen in the Titans TV Show.

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Didn’t Nightwing get shot in the head and now he’s acting edgy and like a jerk? Is that still going on? Is it because that one editor who keeps trying to tank Nightwing’s series is in power again? What’s that guy’s name?

William J. Lepetomane is the editor’s name.

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Personally I’d much rather see him with Babs


I’m totally a Babs and Dick shipper. I know it’s not the most popular current story in the DCU but I like the whole Rick Grayson saga and im into his current romantic interest with this bartender from his local watering hole named Bea. Its honestly a great story but nobody seems willing to give it chance. Team Nightwing is cool!

Babs and Dick in New York City with Kyle Rayner, Jesse Quick, Star Woman (Courtney), and Power Woman (previously Power Girl - Karen). Babs and Dick with child. Babs resumes Oracle to be stay at home mom leading others to keep city in check while Dick calls strategy on the field.

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It’s not that hard to do but I doubt it’s gonna happen. DC has a huge bias towards Nightwing and Barbara Gordon. They will stop at nothing to destroy and erase Nightwing and Starfire’s relationship in favor of Barbara.