Star Wars Episode IX

Okay! So since Star Wars was a Dark Horse property, which was a DC property…I feel there may be a fanbase here as well :stuck_out_tongue:

So the first trailer, and title has been released for Episode IX earlier today. Have you all seen it? Thoughts? It looks like it’s going to focus on Rey, and her journey to work with Kylo. And the name suggests that it seems like its going to truly tie the saga together. No spoilers but we hear a very familiar…“voice” at the end. Got to admit, I’m not a huge fan of The Last Jedi (really don’t like a lot of it) but this seems to perhaps lean into the aspects that were dropped in The Last Jedi…

What do you all think? Seen it? Saving all spoilers until your ass in firmly in the theater?

Link to trailer below:


Made me siked for it, dont know whats going with Rey and the tie fighter in the dessert , but its cool…and Lando!! Lando.


I plan on seeing it, but most of my friends that are die hard fans won’t. SW VIII and Solo just angered them and they’re done, but we’ll see if that stays so as more of the movie is revealed.


Killing Luke off was a terrible idea. Like Ragnar died in Vikings. Nobody really cares except the new generation Star Wars fans.


It was a terrible idea but I still care as many other life long fans. Last Jedi disappointed but why boycott other films when this is another director with another vision and direction? Been with the whole franchise and so of course I’ll be there to see the end of the main saga

Excited to see Lando. My only qualm with the trailer was the title Rise of the Skywalkers because Luke is now supposably dead so I don’t get where it comes from. However if episode 8 made you mad I don’t know if this trailer will make you hyped for this episode

The big theory is that the Skywalker name will become a sort of title or ‘mantle’ that will be bestowed upon Rey. Not a skywalker by blood, but given the title sort of like a knight.