Star Trek / Green Lantern Crossover

A friend and I were discussing Star Trek vs Star Wars. I always preferred Star Trek and was never really a Star Wars fan. Knowing my love of DC he then asked if I had ever read the mini series “Star Trek / Green Lantern The Spectrum War”? I was speechless, dumbfounded even because I had never even heard of it. Have you heard of it and read it? Was it any good? Would you recommend it? Are there other crossovers you preferred and if so what were they? Thank you for your replys and have a DC day! (Still testing the tag line. Let me know if it is too cringy. )

There are two crossovers, 6 issues each. IDW published them. They are a lot of fun. It’s the reboot star trek universe.

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There was also a great star trek/doctor who crossover from IDW.

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Also Star Trek Legion of Superheroes crossover.


Also Star Trek Legion of Superheroes crossover.

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I was hoping to find the series on here but I couldn’t find them.

IDW owns the Star Trek and DC crossovers as they also have the license for Star Trek comics.

I’m thinking The Rule for crossovers that involve DC and another publisher’s property is that if the title of it begins with a DC element, DC has the rights to it. For example, the relatively recent Batman/The Shadow and Justice League/Power Rangers titles.

If the crossover is fill in the blank and then a DC property, then fill in the blank’s publisher owns it, since their property was the first headliner.

For interested parties, the Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes single issues and trade are currently available via Comixology Unlimited.

Regarding the IDW Trek crossovers with DC, I read the first GL crossover based on a recommendation from a friend at my previous comic store. He knew I typically hate crossovers involving characters from different publishers, but he guaranteed I’d like Star Trek/Green Lantern. He was right, it actually was quite good.

I’ve not read the second volume of ST/GL or the ST/LOSH mini.

Good to know Vroom… thanks.

Happy to help.