Where do you watch?

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  • DCU
  • CW
  • YES

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  • DCU

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Flipping channels a family member briefly landed on CW. STARGIRL was on a episode where Courtney walks down a empty school hallway during the day. This occurred on a Sunday.

I watch on DCU though.

4:15pm 6/29/2020


Most HBO Max shows have “extras.” Does anyone know if that’s true of DP? I’m too lazy to take a gander myself right now.

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Not me, man

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DCU for sure… well into the start of my second yearly membership!!


DCU for the win?

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Hmmm? Are more people watching STARGIRL than DOOM PATROL?

Also, demographically, STARGIRL is a big hit here, and right up there with FLASH and BATWOMAN on the CW.

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Well, I watch Stargirl on both, I don’t really watch DP.

It’s 4K streaming resolution on DCU.

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Doubtful as the series is a DCU series.

Season 2 is both a DCU and an HBO Max series, so I wouldn’t say that. It’s like how on the CW, Stargirl shows a preview of the next episode, but that doesn’t happen on DCU.

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CW means commercials and I am too spoiled for that. Besides, DCU gets you reward points.


More people are probably watching Stargirl, although Doom Patrol is awesome! I love them both. Stargirl is a big demographic hit I would wager, just like Flash. But Batwoman?! I’m not sure that’s a great comparison. :smirk:

Yeah, what’s up with that?! They show previews for Doom Patrol, and did so for Titans and (correct me if I’m wrong) Harley Quinn!

I know, it’s kind of lame. Someone made a decision somewhere along the way that previews counted as spoilers, despite the fact that tv shows have been showing “next time on” for our entire lives. Silly gooses!


I watch Stargirl on DCU due to early access, controlling when I can watch it, and the faster pace. I then check on the commercial for next episode.

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Stargirl on DCU: no edits for time/content or commercial breaks, available earlier and in 4K as well.

Stargirl on The CW: Edited, plenty of commercials, available later and not in 4K.

Winner: DCU

Doom Patrol on DCU: Seasons 1 and 2 in 4K.

Doom Patrol on HBO Max: HD-only, as HBO Max doesn’t feature 4K functionality (yet).

Winner: DCU.

DCU also has the source material for both shows, “Get to Know…” collections, Watch-Alongs, and Q&A’s with talent from each show, whereas The CW and HBO Max only have the episodes.

Winnah, winnah: DCU.

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