Stand together

Anyone have the promo code for the Harley Quinn pins I want to get them for my birthday.

At what point is this App gonna do something for its fans. I’ve supported this since it started two years ago. You’ve dropped Swamp Thing before the first season was done now you’re sending it to the WB where all of your shows on there are soap operas that destroys the character. I grow up reading Wally West as the flash and you have cornball Berry Allen doing all of his accomplishments. Season two of Titans was so drawn out just so robin to become Nightwing. How is it your the WB but you don’t have all of DC comic movies on here? Why am I still subscribed to this app when you’ve guys haven’t cared about the fans giving you there money every month. You’ve guys even tried having people to subscribe for a whole year with No product nothing new, a crappy app to be out done by Disney at every turn. WTF DC freakin do something cause I’ve given up on Marvel and those hero’s I grew up with reading. All you higher ups think getting ahead of social and political events, All you’re doing is losing your true fans

There is a rewards program to give the fans of this app free stuff.

Swamp Thing’s first season (and only the first season) is coming to the CW to help fill in time slot gaps due to the pandemic.

In terms of the movies, check to the support forums as this has been addressed numerous times.


I want swamp thing back too