Spotlight Sweepstakes: Black Lightning's First Appearance!

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This week and all month long on DC Universe, we’re celebrating Black History Month by giving away collections that shining a spotlight on African American heroes throughout the DC Universe. This week we’re discussing the first appearance of Black Lightning, DC Comic’s first headlining superhero. Dive into his history and discover his essential storylines by visiting our Encyclopedia.

In 1977, writer Tony Isabella was signed on to develop DC’s first starring black character. He pitched the idea for Jefferson Pierce, AKA Black Lightning. The character continued to make appearances in other titles over the years, including a Justice League of America storyline in which Pierce is offered but turns down a position with the group.

Jefferson Pierce grew up poor and with few expectations put on him. But rather than coast through life, he decided to challenge himself at every turn. As an adult, he entered the Olympics and won three gold meda ls. He then furthered his education, then turned to teaching so he could help young people realize their own potential as he had. But gang violence and criminals kept threatening his community and his students. Which is when Jefferson Pierce decided to no longer hide from the metahuman abilities he had been born with and started fighting evil as Black Lightning.

Black Lightning’s origins have had a major impact on the comic book industry and DC lore, and we are excited to celebrate him by offering fans a chance to win the graphic novel containing his first appearance, as well as a DC DIRECT History of the Universe Black Lightning action figure that depicts him in his first appearance costume.

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through February 12th!


would love to read that … not easy to get a print issue of the original … graded copies of Black Lightning #1 (1977) currently in the neighborhood of $200


The DC Direct action figure is out of production, as well- goes for a pretty penny over the original value!


Speaking of Black Lightning action figures, Mattel has a CW Black Lightning figure coming out sometime this year in their DC Multiverse line.


Oh DC Gods, I pray unto thee that I might someday get my hands on a copy of this.


3 days left to enter!

Black Lightning’s daughters are awesome :cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning::zap::zap::zap::zap::zap::wilted_flower:

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Put black lightning in the crossover next season.