Spoilery Tidbit From The Set Of Titans Season 2

This may seem like a tiny detail, but it could have major implications for Raven and the season two storyline, so before you scroll down, make peace with having this plot point SPOILED for you…


Raven gets her signature red gem in S2 - in the middle of her forehead, right where it should be.


Should lead to some interesting theories between now and then…

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Sweet. I wonder what other costume/appearance changes will be in store.

Well, you click on one article and the internet gives you a rabbit hole of information…there’s a ton of Titans stuff out there that I’ve been missing.

Very fuzzy glimpses of Aqualad, Ravager and maybe Raven’s final costume here:


Pics of the new Starfire wig (thank goodness!)


I’m off to keep digging!


Fuzzy Glimpses!

It wasn’t in doubt that Trigon was going to be defeated and lately it has been the case that the gem is where Trigon is held captive. So I don’t really see this as much of a “spoiler”. In fact the real spoiler is if she didn’t have the gem.


I guess it wasn’t much of a spoiler at all since DCU itself decided to spoil it on their SDCC posters…