*SPOILERS* Titans Episode 10, though!

Trigon’s arrival was chilling, along with the rest of the episode. Raven " let the WRONG one in" (you know that’s Hitgirl’s wig right?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). When Mommy-Raven asked, “Is it time to eat the world?” my skin crawled.

I predict that Batman will be next season’s villain since he has clearly become the Batman Who Laughs :astonished: and will beat Jason with a crowbar for his insolence.

Then they will hug and Batman won’t set off the detonator, thus pleasing both sides of the kill him/ let him live divide.

So, does anyone else think Dick was allowed in the house because of what the Organization did to him?

The finale trailer has me kinda worried about what there about to do to the batman legacy. Just from the trailer alone you see that Bruce’s identity is given up… idk how I feel about that.

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His legacy won’t be hurt by a dream or something that Trigon sets up for Dick. Don t worry and the identity doesn’t seem to be out

I’m surprised that a lot of people don’t understand that the trailer for next week is most likely an altered reality or hallucination from Trigon. I mean, Trigon’s human form is in the trailer as a GCPD officer talking to Dick. That alone should give it away, but there are several other visual clues, such as Dick living in Rachel’s mom’s house with Dove, Jason Todd in a wheelchair out of nowhere, Dick suddenly having his car back that he sold, Kory being a detective for the GCPD, etc. I guess everyone that’s still confused will understand after the finale. Right now, the YouTube comment for the trailer are a cesspool of angry fans that have never watched the show.


Once again completely satisfied. Loved seeing Donna Troy serve it up with the Lasso of Persuasion. The tempo & pacing of this show has allowed newcomers to catch up while not boring the lifers. Minor character changes have benefited this series imho. All the foundations have remained within the characters backstories with minimal variances that allowed for a looser feel & more excitement. This show has increased my confidence for the upcoming series on this site & I was already in b4 Titans aired. I don’t need Donna’s lasso to convince me its great, yeah I know, I went there.