SPOILERS Titans dick Grayson didn’t do anything wrong!

Dick didn’t even kill Jericho. Slade did . He told the titans that. And hank punched him in the face??? It clearly weighed in him a lot. For a long time. All he did to the titans was lie!!! Hank broke his face for nothing! Also he felt so bad he apologies to Jericho’s mom and then tries to send himself to Greenland where he can keep the titans safe fiom Slade! He then realizes he can leave Greenland. So he gets himself sent to prison!!! This last thing is a whole other post.

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Everyone is trying to run from their own share of the blame. Dick is an easy person to saddle with all the guilt. Thankfully, Raven calls Wonder Girl out on it.


Yes. But I’m just saying he didn’t do anything lol. If anything they should apologize he had to watch his friend die in front of him

are we not going to talk about the fact that aqualad die and there’s no repercussions from Atlantis

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Id think aquaman would be pissed. He really loved Garth.

Thank you and I know people are going to say oh well as Deathstroke so what can Aquaman really do but come on really it’s Aquaman you can do a lot

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