SPOILERS thoughts And ideas for season 3

Do we really want to bring Donna back immediately. It would render her death a minuscule speed bump. Plus we know of another wondergirl in the meantime.

Jason x Rose?

I think season three will focus mainly on blackfire and the areas of starfires past.

What are your thoughts?

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But, I would say that if Conor Leslie returns, she will return as Troia.

Since Season 2 emphasized the Titans coming together, I think Mad Mod would be a better Season 3 villain. Blackfire has more at stake with Starfire, which leaves the rest of the team trying to catch up on information. But, with Mad Mod, it would allow more humor and unity within the team (plus he is an iconic Teen Titans villain).

And Jason is done with Rose.

As for what the Season will focus on outside of Blackfire, I am not sure.

If it picks up some time later, I’d love to see season 3 establish that Nightwing has built up a rogues gallery since the end of season 2, with Orca getting some attention especially.

“You’ve been fighting a humanoid killer whale?”

“Got to do something when I’m not with the team, right?”

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I want Rachel to return.with Cassie after Cassie expresses a desire to see Man’s World.

Maybe Donma disappears taken by whoever her mother is. Donna stated she was half mortal

Jason should be searching for his mother as he approaches his destiny with a crowbar

Gar stays with the Titans. Conner and Gar becime best buddies.

Hawk and Dove learn how to work together as a team before romance begins anew.

Kori goes to Florida to regain her powers through intense sunlight. Her curing Superboy drauned all her solar energy.

DIck Rachel Dawn and Hank. investigate Brother Blood.

Gar Rose Conner and Cassie stay at the Tower until reinforcements are needed against Blood.

Gar Rose Conner and Rose go out together.