(spoilers) is titans in the JL movie universe?

Ok so after this weeks episode “Donna Troy” we got many JL and WW references (confirming JL and WW in this universe),
along w/ penguin and joker references as well. The timeline could match up for a lot of the show (I guess gal’s ww could have taken Donna in, etc.) the only real issue as far as timeline is that the JL was formed when dick was a kid… so that is pretty clear proof for me that it isn’t the same universe as the movies. Also it’s presumed Jared Leto’s Joker hasn’t been around that long.
I’m sure there are people who think this answer is obvious, I just didn’t see it on the boards anywhere and was curious what people thought.
Oh shit… And the dead robin… I forgot about him… nvm I guess.
ok much love fam

I think there’s definitely done thematic similarities – the Robin of Titans would totally fit with the Affleck/BVS Batman – but it’s still it’s own, separate universe.