🔥Spoilers 🤯 Doomsday clock issue 12!

So I’m dying to know what everyone’s thoughts and take aways from the final issue of Doomsday clock are and what you think it means for the future timelines.

Glad Clark’s parents are back as well as JSA.

I’m really curious if that Marvel crossover tease was a joke or really happening.


That was another thing I was going to touch on the mention of a crossover. They have done it before and wasn’t really that well done in my opinion, but I feel like now they could really do some good stuff with a crossover but I hope they take the time to really make it work and flow.

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Amidst all the confusion that has been New52, Rebirth, Dark Metal and Doomsday Clock, I too am happy to see the return of Ma and Pa Kent. Too bad their bonehead son put a target on their backs when he took his glasses off in front of the entire world. Way to go Clark! Let’s add this recent dumb-ass move to letting your only child go on an off-world vacation with his fakatka “grandfather”, agree to live apart from your wife, and not seek the counsel of your closest friends when you’re having an “identity crisis”.

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