*Spoilers* DC Comics April Solicitations are out - What are you getting?

Warning this discussion may include spoilers as we are looking at the future.

Full list here:

I’ll be getting:

  • The Question (Loving this so far)
  • Masters of the Multiverse (Pretty bad so far)
  • Supergirl 41 (Really really bad right now but by 41 the worst part of the ride seems to finally be over)
  • Stargirl TP (Really happy they are releasing this so I can read up for the show)
  • Amethyst #3 (No clue if this will be good, but DCSHG has made me want to know more about Gemworld.)
  • Primer TP (Looks fun, DCs Kids and YA brands have yet to disappoint)
  • I might get Legion… It seems to be getting better


What are you all looking to get?

Is there anything I shouldn’t miss?

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I’m getting agitated. ba dum
Batman is going the “Gotham will never be the same” route already. Wonder Woman is discovering a shocking truth about the amazons again. More Leviathan. And it looks like a full year in and still no explanation of Young Justice. It doesn’t seem like there’s any plan to acknowledge Doomsday Clock. And more books are kicking of the next new saga.
I miss 1-2 issue stories and some down to earth, regular stakes plots. When was the last time Batman stopped a mugging? Even though she’s gotten a little preachy, when did he last talk to Leslie or visit Crime Alley? Give me the family eating dinner even. As long as it’s not Tom King. “Bat” “Cat” “Bat pass the salt please””ok Cat, Night can you pass the beans?” “Sure, hey where’s Rob and Orph and Spoi?”


Those are some very good points.

I heard something about because of delays Doomsday Clock isn’t relevant to the main universe.

I think they stuck with Metal and went to Heroes In Crisis, The Batman Who Laughs, Year of the Villain and Batman/Superman. Hell Arisen just kicked off and along with Flash Forward it’s supposed to wrap up those five events and has nothing to do with Doomsday Clock.

Batman just went through some SUPER gnarley trials in Knightmares, The Fall and the Fallen and City of Bane. Especially after the shenanagans in City of Bane I don’t feel like it’s as much “Gotham will never be the same” as it is “Gotham can never be the same.” DUDE!!! THIS:

With the foreshadowing in the last two issues of Batman, I hope we get some “I love you Cat!” with some “I love you more Bat!” moments before our favorite Agent of Chaos sets fire to the world!

Year of the Villain is still in full effect and once The Batman Who Laughs and Apex Lex destroy the multiverse in Hell Arisen who knows what we’ll have left?!?!

It’s been a BRUTAL few months!!!

And there is only Leviathan.


And just took a look into April…
April 15th…
Batman 93!!!


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I will be getting many, many, many things.

  • 80th Anniversary Super-Spectaculars: Joker & Catwoman
    I am a sucker for a DC themed anthology, whether it is for a holiday, an anniversary, or just because. I love the lists of writers and artists on both.
  • Strange Adventures.
    Of course.
  • Aquaman #59
    I haven’t stopped buying this since the New 52 relaunch. Ocean depths don’t crush it like DeConnick has been doing on this title.
  • Detective Comics #1022
    I don’t know why I haven’t been buying Tomasi’s Detective, but intend to change that.
  • The Green Lantern Season Two #2
    Easiest rule for me: Just buy everything Grant Morrison writes.
  • Hawkman #23
    I burned out on the initial story and quit reading this. I intended to come back but eye-rolled when I saw we were neck-deep in evil version of Hawkman from the Depressoverse. A Plague Doctor Hawkman, though, attracts more than Sky Tyrant repels. I look forward to this!
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #6
    So far, so good. I am still looking forward to more of Bendis’ riff on the LSH.
  • Lois Lane #10
    I will buy as many Greg Rucka Lois Lane comics as DC is willing to make.
  • Metal Men #7
    I intended on quitting this comic, but danged if the weirdo ideas aren’t keeping me hooked. Metal Gorilla 2020!
  • The Question: Deaths of Vic Sage #3
    As an old 80s-era Question fan, I’d be all over this anyway, even if it weren’t the amazing Jeff Lemire writing it. Cowan/Sienkewicz art is good for my soul.
  • Shazam! #12
    I expect I will really, really enjoy Geoff Johns’ riff on The Monster Society of Evil. Ever since I saw the cover to #11, I have been squee-ing about it like a goofy kid.
  • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #10
    This is probably my favorite DC comic. I do not want it to end.
  • The Terrifics #27
    The Terrific Council intrigues me! Ted Kord AND The Atom? I would never have guessed how perfect Gene Luen Yang would have been for this title.
  • Wonder Woman #755
    I really have bonded with Steve Orlando over Martian Manhunter and Gotham City Monsters, so I should be checking out his Wonder Woman. This one has Paula Von Gunther!

Intrigued but not yet sure:

  • Amethyst, Birds of Prey

I wish Nikola Scott was doing one of her costume covers for Catwoman’s 80th. That was the first thing I looked for in that issue’s description.

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