Spoilers Aquaman 65 DC Comics layoffs

Last Issue?

Also note

Fired staffers still working until mid November

California law
Massive layoffs
Require 60 days notice
AT&T giving 90 days
Before last day of work

Probably doesnt apply to executives
Just staff

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I am truly sorry for all those that have been laid off, especially during these uncertain times. I’m very upset that people here at DCU have been laid off and if this affects Ajack and PPB I don’t know if I can continue to support this service if it continues in some fashion. I’ve also read about speculations that they may be doing away with floppy copies and focusing on digital and trade. While I have felt a reduction it titles and evolving from weekly/bi weekly/monthly to a trade format would not be a bad idea and may allow for better focused stories, this has me worried for my comic shop. I could be wrong but believe I saw that trades while having higher sales also have higher sales in book stores and that that’s where companies will be putting forth their focus. If that is so and other publishing companies follow this model of digital and trade, I’m worried what it will mean for our comic shops. I don’t know if these actions are what’s best for DC in the long run but personally I have noticed the change in my pull list these last 2 years of what was usually a DC dominate list to now being one of Independent comics. I do feel the quality of story telling in DC has been going down. I hope the end results are a focus on better stories.

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rember AJ
Said that in her last Office Hours

she was happy
And there was time
before the dance ended

She always tells the truth she can
If ANY of her staff were fired
She wouldn’t say that

Staff still have their jobs until November
I even heard December
Which means November 30

But i really
Dont think
Layoffs hit the mods yet

Even if half fired
Half stay

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Yes I saw that thanks to your links provided in another thread, thank you. I understand that given the information she has been given and allowed to disclose seems to insinuate that as of now their positions are still secured, but things do seem very much “up in the air” and I can’t help but be concerned is all.

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