[Spoiler Zone 🚨] Swamp Thing Ep. #07 Open Discussion Thread

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the next installment in the official Swamp Thing discussion zone.

If you haven’t watched the episode, turn back before it’s too late- spoilers abound!

Now that we’re alone little tendrils, tell us: What did you think? Did you enjoy having Andy Bean back for a spell? What’s to come in the final moments of the latest mystery?

Let us know your favorite moments, your theories, your conspiracies and your visions in the comments below!


This episode as all of the are a piece of work and love how they delve into the Lore of the Rot and show how in control he is of the Green. It is such a shame that the best show the service has ends before first episode aired. They gave this show true fan service hope something could be done to save it.


Such a great show. Not to mention race on this community chat, but it was a little confusing (or hard to believe) that Sunderland was Matt’s father. I say this because his mother in the show looks to be ethnically similar to Abbey! Like maybe of Cajun ancestry. ( I know she is mixed in real life, but in the show I think she is playing white with dark features, similar to Abbey) Sunderland sounds Cajun with a mix of basic redneck southerner. Matt on the other hand looks to be mixed with Creole of part African ancestry. So to me the math doesn’t add up. I guess they are saying there are latent African mixed genes that pops up from time to time. Especially in New Orleans.
I don’t know just a thought. Still an amazing show. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Abby in pain from the Rot was so convincing I half-expected her hair to turn white … amazing performance

does Swampy have a nemesis with similar powers – could Avery become some kind of Rot Thing …


So (bullet-point discussion)…

  • Avery is clearly the Avatar of The Rot now

  • When/why/how were Maria and Lucilia “in cahoots”?

  • So heartbreaking to see Abby finally realize - and express - feelings for Alec/Swampy only to be rejected by him out of a desire to protect her from The Rot

  • If it weren’t already apparent, Woodrue’s wife has Alzheimers (which is kind of odd since she doesn’t seem all that old and I’ve always associated that disease with old age),

  • I fully expected Abby and Alec/Swampy to have “Green sex” (ALA the “Rite of Spring” story from the Alan Moore comics) after she kissed him, and was kind of disappointed that they didn’t ‘go there’

  • So the Conclave is an investment firm? That’s not what I was expecting at all

  • It seems pretty obvious that Abby isn’t going to actually be going back to Atlanta; the only question is “what happens to make her stick around?”

  • In case anybody was still holding onto the belief that the show was going to go with the full-on Alan Moore Swamp Thing origin, this episode slammed the door shut on that by establishing pretty clearly - and definitively - that they’re using the Wein/Wrightson origin… while also fusing it with the mythos elements (The Green, The Black/Rot, etc.) that Moore introduced as part of his reworking of the character’s origin and story

It’s quite sad that we’ve only got 3 episodes left, and I really hope that rumors about the show’s cast and crew having an opportunity to reshoot some stuff and properly wrap up the series turn out to be true because it would really suck if the series ended with a cliffhanger.

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This is the first episode that I have reserves for. Something about the framing of the Abby/Alec romance with the hallucination seemed to make it seem like Abby can’t love Alec with his swamp thing appearance. Maybe I’m misinterpreting it or maybe that’s supposed to be a growing point, but all I know for sure is the way it’s set up kind of makes Abby a bit more shallow than she and the characters around her put her off as.

another great episode, loved that fruit reference from the moore run lol. i would love to see abby and swamp thing kiss though! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but a shame that we only have 3 more episodes left!

Another good episode. Such a shame this is the only season…we need more DC!

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The_Timelord_Man, I don’t think they were showing Abby loves Alec as a human, if you remember in their last scene she wanted to stay with him and fight in this war. She even touched his shoulder when he returned to Swamp Thing. Remember this is a Beauty and The Beast type of romance.


The_Timelord_Man, I meant to say that Abby loves Alec as a human and as Swamp Thing, she loves him both ways.


It’s almost like someone who misjudged and cancelled this show, should realize the made a dumb decision and …save it.


Ok do if they dont bring back swamp thing they should totally do animal man and have the war against the rot, please feed the dweeb

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The flashmovie is so good

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I loved the cast so much in this episode! it was very emotional and clearly showed the chemistry building between swamp thing and Abbie. Not to mention that seeing Abbie leave for Atlanta felt like a huge gut punch because unless this show is saved she’ll have to leave for real in 3 episodes. :’( I also can’t stand the thought of them doing a swamp thing movie without this particular cast because it just doesn’t feel right, since these actors obviously put a lot of effort into making this show.

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I also loved Maria Sunderland in the episode because she shows us how she can be a much more compelling and dangerous villain then Avery. The only problem I had with ep 1x07 is with what Avery told Matt cable but that is I only because Matt doesn’t look like he would be both is mom’s and Avery’s child. Aside from that, I loved all the cast interactions especially between Abbie and Alec/Swamp Thing.

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This episode was quite the ride. I expected it to take us through twists and turns since it has to lead up to the final three episode arc and I wasn’t disappointed. I personally feel the last few episodes weren’t as jarring or exciting as the premiere so I am overall happy with the take away…

But there’s something I just can’t let slide. When Avery revealed he was the biological father of Matt and the reaction from Matt was “Mom, is this true? Why didn’t you tell me?” instead of “POW You’re dead.” had me so mad! Why on Earth was Matt’s character supposed to care as much as he did? Here are known facts: 1.)Avery is a known liar and manipulator. 2.) Avery was going to label you (Matt) a murderer and ruin your mom’s career. 3.) AVERY WAS GOING TO KILL YOUR MOTHER! So why in the world does it matter suddenly that that POS was your sperm donor? Would it really matter since you are on a covert mission to KILL HIM ANYWAYS??? I don’t know if I should blame the writers or last minute production changes for my disappointment but there you have it.

With all that said I am super pumped for the last three episodes. I hope they take us there, blow our Swamp Thing obsessed minds, and do NOT leave us with a cliff hanger. If they can tie up this show and make it feel like it had a beginning, a middle, and an end then I think I could be happy about this spectacular show as a whole.

I can’t believe the cancelled this show. It’s actually really good.


I’ve really enjoyed the show so far and look forward to a new episode each week. It’s great how they are including important Swamp Thing elements like the rot and the green. They could do so much more, if they continued, like implementing the Parliament of Trees and so much more. I look forward to the next 3.

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^ The Parliament of Trees would have been incorporated by Episode 13, but because production was cut short whilst the cast and crew were filming Episode 10, they didn’t get the opportunity to get to that point.

Ok I have been critical of most episodes, so I want to say… I really liked this episode. Best one yet by far, not a dull moment and all the storylines worked well this week.

Having Abby see Swamp Thing as Alec allowed them to work “Swamp Thing” into the episode a lot more prominently, so it didn’t feel as much like he is a supporting character in Abby’s show, which is really what he is but it didn’t feel that way at all this week which was a good thing.

Loved the whole scene of Lucilia and Matt trying to kill Avery, it was well done from beginning to end and had me going the whole time. I fell for the misdirect that it was not actually a plot to kill Avery, and was also shocked when Maria was in on it, I did not figure that out at all. It was a non stop thriller of a storyline. I was not remotely surprised Avery survived, I think most assumed that was coming but I am interested in seeing where his character goes now which is the first time I said that as I have NOT been on board with Avery all season, especially since we likely lost Anton Arcane for this guy, but this episode made me care about him as the villain. I do agree Matt getting distracted to the extent he did with the father reveal was a bit contrived, I mean I can see him being mat at his mother, but think he would have waited until after he killed Avery to worry about why his mom didn’t tell him. What? He loves him now? Of course not as the following scene shows, it felt like something that existed just to make him hesitate enough for Avery to survive in the end.

Abby and Alec’s interactions were also good and the scene when The Rot attacked Abby… I don’t usually jump in horror movies but that made me jump. And Abby sold the being in pain so much I actually was starting to feel like I was in pain. All well done.

Also liked the scenes with Woodrue and his wife. And to the poster who said his wife didn’t look old enough to have Alzheimers, While it is very uncommon there are cases of people developing early onset Alzheimer’s as early as their 40’s so assume that is what she is supposed to have.

Seriously a great episode this week, hope it is this good going to the end because while usually I feel I take the good with the bad in this show, or at least the good with the bland. This week I was totally into it. Shame they didn’t follow up on the Blue Devil storyline this week, but had enough good stuff I was ok they didn’t.