[ Spoiler Zone 🚨] Swamp Thing Ep. #06 Open Discussion Thread

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the next installment in the official Swamp Thing discussion zone.

If you haven’t watched the episode, turn back before it’s too late- spoilers abound!

Now that we’re alone little tendrils, tell us: What did you think? How 'bout that Blue Deviling? How do you feel about Swamp Thing and Abby’s new communication method?

Let us know your favorite moments, your theories, your conspiracies and your visions in the comments below!


Where do I even start?!?

To use Silas Stone’s word, this episode was DELICIOUS! :laughing:

I need a Blue Devil / Madame X spin off! Their interactions are gold. Ian Ziering was a joy to watch every time he was on the screen. That whole scene with Phantom Stranger was just amazing. I’m waiting for him to finally don the mask!

Kevin Durand is KILLING IT as the obsessive, mad scientist. I can’t wait to see the Floronic Man transformation (hopefully we’ll see that). :popcorn:

Matt Cable - I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU (in general, not as a mate for Abby) !!! I knew he had some dirt on him, but murder? I. Can’t. Even.

Swamp Thing’s emotions are so strong - even through the costume - is it uncanny!

This is my favorite Liz performance so far.

Avery is a slimeball - but WHY would Abby approach and accuse him like that in the hospital? (facepalm).

That ending though :tulip: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Countdown to the next episode!


Best episode thus far. I finally started to feel something for the characters. It also helped that Mrs. Sunderland wasn’t in the episode. Her character is way too extra. Sucks about Matt being a bad guy because I did just want him to be good.

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Another great episode in the books. Poor Matt. He’ll be aight lol. But. Let’s talk about that ending…


He grew a flower out of his hand… Mic drop.


So I loved this show but my question is… Is there going to be more episodes coming or did they really just end it right as I was glued to the TV?


Best Swamp Thing EVER. Someone needs to make season 2 happen, and be phenomenal, and the idiots who dropped it can watch someone else make all the money.


I’ve tried to watch Swamp Thing, only got through half of the first episode. I’ve never been too much of a Swamp Thing fan. I’ll wait for the next series. Wish DC would do a live action Batman series. Let him be the world’s greatest detective. Maybe bring one of the Arkham asylum video games to live action.

Fantastic episode! There was a little bit for everyone, I cant wait to see how they are going to make Cassidy look all Blue Devil’d up.

Didn’t see what Matt did coming, I thought it was Avery or just some random dude he hired but nope, Matt is a bad dude. Seemed like such a nice guy.

I always enjoy seeing Alec’s powers and abilities come out in Swamp Thing, when he made those hunters run away was awesome! And the emotions that he portrays is fantastic as well.

The ending was probably the best part with him growing a flower out of his hand like that, just awesome. Looking forward to next weeks episode!


I absolutely adored this episode!

The Matt reveal was such a powerful moment, @Aaron_Meriwether, I am still processing it! It’s so hard to see that a character I was hoping to be just and good could get tangled up in the same web that’s ensnaring the rest of the town. But, I did understand his reasoning. I think the writers did a fantastic job at capturing what a difficult position he was put in. Refusing Avery would have meant putting himself at odds with the most powerful man in town, someone who could have him killed, and it wasn’t even his own life at risk. He’d be taking his mother down with him.

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Cable actually confirmed as trying to kill Alec surprised me. I thought there’d be other suspects but it really was Cable, I give props to the show for sticking with it. Hopefully Abby finds out and kicks his butt.

I love that Abby didn’t become scared of Alec after she found out what he did to Sunderland’s goons. She knew it was self-defense, it’s even more sweet that it’s Alec who was scared of what he had done.

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This episode was awesome!
Love that everything seemed to be progressing: Alex understanding his powers, Abby focusing on helping Alec, Avery being a arrogant jerk as always, Liz standing up to the big dog, and Daniel finally becoming Blue Devil!

Matt blowing up the boat threw me off, but the whole town of Maraias is so convoluted and lots of skeleton in the closet happening.
Love it!

Great episode I love how Swamp Thing is learning his powers and abilities Avery is an enjoyable villain to watch can’t wait to see Blue Devil make his true appearance

Do you think that the plant in the episode could be a benign version of Black Mercy?

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I can’t believe your cancelling this show!! keep it going


This week’s episode went by really quickly and covered so much ground that it’s hard to know quite where to start with it, but Im going to try and string some thoughts together:

  • I think the flower is the series’ nod to Alan Moore’s “A Rite of Spring” story from the comics, which is intriguing

  • Avery Sunderland is so scummy that it’s not difficult to want to see him get taken down hard, and yet Will Patton plays the role with so much charm that there’s a part of you that wants to root for him at the same time

  • I thought that Cassidy had made a “Faustian” bargain with a demon, so to find out that it was with the Phantom Stranger ws really surprising and throws everything I thought I knew and understood about his storyline out the window

  • Matt having actually murdered Alec wasn’t all that surprising, nor was his motivation for doing so, but I’m a little bit concerned about him talking to his mom after having just discovered that Alec isn’t dead but is instead now a literal swamp monster

  • I don’t know why Liz thought that telling Abby not to confront Avery was going to work because theyre both really strong-willed and fearless

  • This is only tangentially related to the episode, but I can’t help but wonder what the hosts of one of the Swamp Thing-related podcasts I listen to are going to have to say about Matt actually being Alec’s murderer because they were convinced that Lucilia was the culprit

  • The closer we get to the end of the season.m, the more I simultaneously want it to get here and yet take its time getting here


Each episode keeps getting better and better! Please change your mind powers that be at DC and bring back this amazing show and cast!

I love how Alec is learning more and more about his abilities in very non-typical ways- on instinct to defend himself first or at a core emotional/primal level but then examines himself when he is able to rationally think once more.

The unfolding of all the corruption within the town and how tangled it is with Avery has been thrilling.

Can we just acknowledge how great Ian Ziering actually is in this show!


Totally unacceptable that this show was cancelled!! I will be ending my membership as soon as the Swamp Thing season ends…


I seriously need this to continue. Why is it cancelled. Thank god for the brighter image

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Been looking forward to seeing the Green and the Rot