[ Spoiler Zone 🚨] Swamp Thing Ep. #05 Open Discussion Thread

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the next installment in the official Swamp Thing discussion zone.

If you haven’t watched the episode, turn back before it’s too late- spoilers abound!

Now that we’re alone little tendrils, tell us: What did you think? Was Phantom Stranger what you were hoping him to be? What do you think of this fledgling triangle between Abby, Swampy, and Matt? Will Jason Woodrue be the undoing of Swamp Thing?

Let us know your favorite moments, your theories, your conspiracies and your visions in the comments below!


Abby isn’t guilty of shauna’s death


Why won’t the previews for next weeks episode play?


Hey guys i started a thread called bring swamp thing back we need to tell DC what we want is more seasons of the live action shows. We pay them for this content and they need to listen to us as the community so please if you want to try and make a diffrence like and share the thread and comment so DC sees that the community wants more swamp thing.


I’m interested in seeing their take on the Phantom Stranger.

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Please, please, please tell me they are looking at another locale for Swamp Thing, instead of canceling this phenomenal show!!! I just finished “Drive All Night,” and between the beautiful acting of Reed, Beals, Patton, Madden, Mears (Swamp Thing), and just about EVERYONE on this show to the BRILIANT writing, filming, and directing, how can ANYONE NOT want to continue giving this show life!!! IAN-FRIGGIN’-ZIERING AS THE BLUE DEMON, TO BOOT!!! I am dying to see him make his “hero” entrance to help Swamp Thing!!! PLEEEEEEASE FIND A WAY TO KEEP THIS SHOW GOING!!! Look to film elsewhere!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


wow i love this show

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started on the newest episode not bad so far its paused as i am finishing some work stuff so i can scream with delight when i see phantom stranger

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DC is the undoing of swamp thing…

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Phantom Stranger looks nothing like the comics

This show is easily one of the best things DC Universe has to offer, I’m genuinely upset. Them ending this show is worse than when they ended the original Teen Titans show. I hope to every god from every religion that they bring it back.


It’s nice if them to spoil Phantom Stranger’s appearance with the app notification.

phantom stranger not a long appearance sadly :frowning:

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Im going to assume we will get a Deadman next?


I am loving this show. With every episode I grow sadder and sadder that it was canceled before it had a chance to grow an audience. That said, it would be cool if The CW brought the creative staff over to their network. Which is not what I actually signed on to say…

This episode was a great way to let us know what actually happened to Shawna. That scene where Shawna slowly reveals herself to Abby sent shivers up my spine. a rare thing for me.


Loved this episode, phantom strangers look wasn’t what I expected,but I still loved it. I think WB and dc have made a huge mistake cancelling this and should rethink that decision but they probably won’t, even if a petition was started.


Once again, Swamp Thing has hit a grand slam in terms of storytelling, horror, and world-building, answering a number of questions while also opening up several others. I’m going to “bullet-point” my review in order to cover what I think are the most salient parts:

  • We finally get The Green identified by name, courtesy of The Phantom Stranger (who honestly was never going to be “faceless” due to the logistics of live-action production) and see Alec willfully tapping into it, which lets both him and he as an audience discover what really happened 14 years ago with Abby and Shawna

  • I had thought that the deal Daniel Cassidy had made was to separate himself from the Blue Devil suit after he got trapped in it, but what I now think happened, based on this episode, is that he pulled a “Rupert Giles” and made a “Faustian bargain” that got him his fame as Blue Devil but also got him stuck in Marais waiting for someone or something

  • Before this episode, the hosts of the Swamp Thing Radio podcast had me convinced that Shawna’s manifestations were connected to The Rot, but now I don’t think that’s the case and have absolutely no clue what her appearances mean or what really killed her

  • Avery is a crazy SOB, but he’s also infinitely fascinating

  • Damn, Sheriff Cable, you need some serious anger management therapy; I get being a “mama bear”, but you’re turning into Avery and that’s not good

  • Dr. Woodrue (whom I’ve come to realize made his first live-action appearance in Batman and Robin as played by the awesome John Glover) finding out about Swampy’s existence cannot be good, although I really want to know who he’s going to recruit for his hunt

  • The Tremaynes really have zero fear of Avery or f*cks to give (sorry for the expletive), which is both simultaneously badass and very worrying

It seems as if a lot of people are looking at the quality of the storytelling that Swamp Thing has by and large delivered (last week’s episode notwithstanding) as an excuse to rail against DC for pulling the cancellation card, but I’m just happy that the show exists and that the writers continue to hit homeruns almost every time they step up to the plate.


I know I will be an annual subscriber again if this show somehow gets uncancelled. However, screw DC Universe otherwise. I’m a big fan of this show and an annual subscription is worth it for more seasons of the show alone.

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Been loving each episode of this show. And I love the approach for the Phantom Stranger, no doubt he transformed himself in the man he appeared as to make Swamp Thing feel at ease around him and less confused. I also love the fact that the show has slowly but surely adding in the supernatural elements to the story, especially with Blue Devil, hope we get to see him in the suit.


“And I love the approach for the Phantom Stranger, no doubt he transformed himself in the man he appeared as to make Swamp Thing feel at ease around him and less confused”

I doubt that this is even remotely the case based on the practical logistics of live-action storytelling and on the need to make the story as simplified as possible for people who don’t read comics.

Swamp Thing’s version of The Phantom Stranger isn’t a “faceless guy in a trench coat and fedora”; he’s a rotund, bearded fisherman… and that’s okay.

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