[SPOILER-FREE] Who Has Watched Justice League Dark: Apokolips War?

Please I ask that you don’t give any spoilers! I really to know if a we should watch it ASAP or will we be happy with waiting a little bit it’s worth the hype. There is a one other option but we don’t talk about that one it just tells us to run as far and fast as we possibly can. I know DC won’t let me down!


@Kon-El I can’t even get on YouTube because it’s making me want to buy that movie I’ll admit I’m a cheap bastard!

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I’m sure it’ll be several months before we see it here. I like DC animated films, but the only animated movie I’ve been a repeat viewer of is Mask of the Phantasm. I’ve watched some more than once, but rarely. So…that’s the only animated movie I have spent money on.

Now… I rewatch the animated tv series over and over. As it stands, I cant justify spending $20 bucks on a movie I’ve never seen. I also almost only buy movies with special features (all time favorite is the Roger Ebert commentary on Dark City). The DCAU discs have never had very good supplemental material.

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I don’t think I have ever watched Mask of Phantasm

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I think it’s on here. You should really watch it!

Correction. It was removed.

Just saw it was a great movie. As for avoiding spoilers. I would say be weary when looking up dc stuff especially on YouTube. At least for a little bit to play it safe.


The animation is top notch, like every DC animated movie. The action is plenty. There are superheroes oozing out of every crevice. There is adult humor which I rather enjoyed. I have really enjoyed this movie and will be giving it a few more views in the very near future.


@NYJt3 and @darkstarz I have been doing everything I can to not get any spoilers because I can tell what DC is doing which I think is awesome and please just tell me I’m on the right track. From the trailer it looks like this is the DC animated universe version of Endgame and they are bringing a Rebirth in the DC animated universe which I am just like oh hell yeah!


I think the movie was great. The ending was a little abrupt but made sense. I think that it was an amazing culmination of six years of animated movies.


Bought and watched it last night. I must tell you that if you hadn’t seen the other animated movies from the New 52 series you’ll miss out on some of the inside comments. The Flashpoint Paradox, Justice League: War, Throne of Atlantis, Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, Batman: Bad Blood, Justice league vs Teen Titans, Justice league Dark, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, The Death of Superman, Reign of the Supermen, Batman: Hush, and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. if you haven’t seen any of these do yourself a favor and watch them first. I am very sorry to see this series end, it was a great series and I liked how the movies all sort of fit together. It was dark and it was raw and I doubt you’d want a little child watching it with you. Without giving anything away this is a must see movie.


I am 10 minutes In and I’m like wtf this is epic !


I just finished watching it and enjoyed the hell out of it. It sucks it’s the last in the animated universe but I enjoy the way everything came together. Action was amazing, storytelling was great, and overall an amazing movie. Again, sad to see it as the last animated movie, but I enjoy the way they told everything


Just watching for the second time from the beginning

Watched the last half hour three times already

The first word is REMEMBER

We dont remember that. Toward the end, we ate told what Z did to Constantine as the movie starts with that word.

Incredibly.tight writing is what that is

And the treasures that await you as you go.in for the Second. Time

All things Etrigan

What an impatient Raven says

Lois Lane fighting in an Arena. The object The Suicide Squad follow her to Hell if she wins.

Lex Luthor pretending to be scared of Batman

Anyime the Suicide Squad is featured especially King Shark


Its soooo good. Top 3 DCAU.

Makes me sad their live action movies dropped the ball.


@E-Dot read my new post I kinda said the same thing. The title is Thank You DC Animation


It was amazing, nuff said


When will it be coming on here?

It was indeed epic.
I’m glad they put a nice “bow” on this continuity. Time to move on than overstay ones welcome and things get watered down for the sake of stretching out a continuity.

Raven and Etrigan, were so on brand by being that bit off brand. Great takes on those two characters especially.

It is certainly one of the strongest films of the CU they’ve done. It definitely went out on a high note.

My hope is they take a break from building a new CU for a while and just focus on stories for characters and give some lesser known characters a chance. The Spectre, Jonah Hex & Phantom Stranger shorts were all awesome. I’d love to see all those characters get a feature length treatment.


90 days after May 19