🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 23 Discussion Thread

Who would have thought when Violet Harper joined the team that she would become the hunted? With the Lanterns out of commission, what can be done to save her- or ourselves?

This is a safe space to discuss everything you saw, but it’s a very UNSAFE space if you haven’t seen :eyes: Make sure you check out the latest episode before letting us know your thoughts, reactions, theories and conspiracies in the comments below!


My app doesnt even show episodes past 20 does anybody know what could be wrong. Everything was there yesterday now it shows to episode 20 and that’s it.

I feel like they are building up to Wally’s return!


Beautiful episode :heart: :sob:

Right away I noticed Alpha was the OG team minus Wally :sob:.

And I literally scream through Nightwing’s fever dream.

And Nightwing realizing the others experienced it as well :sob:.

So much nostalgia.


Oh, that scene with Fever Wally as the first season music swelled. The feels, oh the feels!

Next week can’t come soon enough!


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I lost it when I saw Wally :sob::sob::sob:


That was one of the best episodes so far! The fever dream with Wally and the music from season 1, oh my gosh it made me remember why I fell in love with this show in the first place. Loved it!


Beast boy better get to planning gotta take down granny ASAP… Bring back Wally while ur at it😂


I’ve always been a huge fan of Granny Goodness ever since Superman TAS. I would’ve never thought I’d become an even bigger fan because of how she’s been portrayed in Young Justice! Plus the VA is doing such an amazing job. Initially I was hoping her voice would change to Ed Asner’s when she donned her actual Apokoliptan look, but man… she’s right up there with him! I really hope she becomes a live action villain in a future movie with the Female Furies.


When Savage went to the heroes for help does anyone think he played the heroes or was he genuinely scared to face Granny with the Anti-Life Equation to retrieve Halo? Any comments?


So much good, though some bad as well…

As always, I start with the bad, as I like to leave on a positive note.

Bad -
The storyline with Jefferson/Black Lighting.

I’ve never cared for Black Lightning personally, I don’t like how they shoehorned him into Young Justice. He’s not a member of the original team, he’s not a member of YJs original Justice League, he just doesn’t belong. He feels out of place and included for reasons other than story.

It could be argued that Virgil/Static needed a teacher, which would’ve worked if Virgil/Static were actually part of the main storyline.

I just feel that, if you removed Jefferson from the equation then nothing plot-wise would’ve changed. Which means from a narrative standpoint that he’s unnecessary.

I’m assuming that he’s going to be the desu ex machina that, “because of the lightning running through my brain I’m immune to the effects.” Thus will save everyone, but it’ll make me roll my eyes.


Mind control... Again.
This is the second time a main YJ storyline has been centered around mind control. The first was in season 1. Which was the first of 3 seasons. While I'm well aware of Darkseid's anti-life equation and this is his schtick, it is still too soon.

Not enough focus on the original team.

I like the new team… But I wanted more episodes on the original team. That’s why i was a YJ fan after all.

Not a fan of them all being pushed to the background.

Good -
That nostalgic YJ fever dream.

That was so good it hurt. We need to have Dick Grayson tortured more often. Need more original YJ.


Kid Flash.

I was really hoping that we were going to resurrect Kid Flash this season. Unfortunately that isn't the case. Him coming back would probably destroy him anyway.

Think about it, if he came back, unaged, he'd be a 16 year old. Artemis is an adult. It would be devastating.

Still seeing him, if only in a dream, was worth it.

Hello Megan!

More of her catch phrase!


Dis & Over

Aster, turbed, whelmed...

That’s it for this week. The episode was very meh until that YJ fever dream. That was pretty much the extreme high point of the episode.


Just bring him back already! Have him save the universe while you’re at it.


If it doesn’t happen in this season I’m praying we get something with Wally in the fourth. I mean, technically, he wasn’t even killed off seeing as his body or suit at least would’ve been left behind. I was thinking maybe he’s in the speed force but wouldn’t stay there rather come back in the end.

The whole situation with Dick thinking about Wally hits home and I wish we could’ve had a bit more of that. Or at least not end the episode on such a cliffhanger when it came to Granny Goodness and her plans of basic world domination. I just need more here along with praying they figure out about Tara’s being a traitor and she hopefully switches over to the right side before it’s too late.


Bring back Wally already :frowning:


It was an awesome episode.

That fever dream call back S1 was amazing. Definitely felt the nostalgia. With the original team with Wally and his souvenir and MM with the catchphrase and the original music. It was awesome. Man makes me wish there was more of the shown durning the first five year time jump (never like big time jumps like in any TV show) But who knows maybe in future comics/or flash backs in episodes.

But besides the trip down memory lane it was cool to the see Brion and his team work well with Brion controlling his anger.

With that cliffhanger with the equation I think halo reversed it last minute and this is supposed to be a trick cliffhanger.

Side note: on Wally coming back I don’t think it would happen. These cameos are cool but him actually coming back would make that death feel meaningless. His death showed that they weren’t invincible just because they are main characters. It also shows the the team deals with loos and how to move on from even though they don’t forget.

In the end though another awesome episode.


I really don’t like how much of a pushover Garfield has been for the last two episodes. He owns their headquarters and can pick and choose who can be there so the fact that he hasn’t seems very compromising to his character.

It’s great to see the original 6 back.

As far as Wally goes, there seem to be hints of his return through various episodes. But, like wishing from a Monkey’s paw, there may be a price to it.


Great episode and that cliff hanger was shocking.