🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 22 Discussion Thread

The Light, the Anti-Life, fake betrayals and trending socials- things are getting more and more tense as we approach the final episodes of Season 3 :grimacing:

This is a safe space to discuss everything you saw, but it’s a very UNSAFE space if you haven’t seen :eyes: Make sure you check out the latest episode before letting us know your thoughts, reactions, theories and conspiracies in the comments below!


Everything is imploding.


So I thought Gretchen Goode and Granny Goodness were the same person. But when Metron was asked about it, he said “No and yes” (I might be remembering it wrong) and today’s episode showed they are two different people. Can someone explain to me how they can both not be the same person but also be the same person?


I’m on the mobile app and anything past episode 20 isn’t showing up. :frowning:

@HenryWalsh77 sometimes closing out the app completely and reopening it usually fixes it.

I feel a “The Light” vs. The Forces of Apokolips fight may be coming soon…


Andrew - I reinstalled it, still getting it.

Anyway - Watched it on my iPad - Finally got the app on my phone to work after a full phone restart.

So this week’s episode was really good.

I loved the swerve with the doctor. I was convinced that she was working with Ultra-Humanite due to her terminal illness (which turned out to not be a thing).

So good job there.

I didn’t peg her for an insane mad scientist with a serious mommy complex.


I felt the sudden revelation Jefferson/Black Lightning had was a bit forced/rushed. Dick Grayson gets hurt and the Bat-Family shows up, "Must be a conspiracy!"

That felt really dumb.

Them showing up makes perfect sense from a non-conspiracy point of view.

I like how Tara, who legitimately seemed to be coming around, shifted stance once the “heroes” proved that they were deceptive and decietful.

This is perfectly in-character for Batman. While bat-fans love to decree that Batman is perfect, can beat anyone, and always has the perfect plan, his Achilles heel has always been that he’s willing to lie, cheat, and manipulate others. This often causes trust issues. In the comics this kind of thing has caused him to be expelled from the League before.

If you ask me, when Clark finds out, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman/Kaldur should be expelled from the Justice League. Dick Grayson and Miss Martian should as well.

I doubt Superboy knew about it, and I’m pretty sure he and Megan were telepathically arguing about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he calls off the wedding.

Beast Boy being angry at being lied to again is understandable.

This has turned out to be Aquaman/Kaldur’s MO and is the second time that he’s pulled something like this.

What makes this second betrayal so hard to swallow is that the big reason Young Justice won back in Season 1 was BECAUSE they came clean with each other. I would’ve thought that they’d have learned their lesson but apparently not.


This was a good episode, finally getting some backstory and motivations of these characters. Something was always off about Dr. Jace. I want to see where it goes with the Light vs Darkseid, it seemed like they aren’t playing very nice anymore. Also, super happy to see more of Barbara but crying internally at all the characters with no speaking lines.

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Awesome to see more of Babs… But I kinda laughed at the fact that Dick literally got up and was having a conversation so quickly. His brain was literally swelling.


Just did some more thinking. Dick’s recovery was very quick considering how serious it was. What if the plan was to use Dick and this “illness” as the distraction for Jace to take Violet because the light could not have predicted Jefferson’s outburst? It makes sense then how Dick recovered quickly because he was just a distraction.


Ish went DOWN

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That was a crazy episode.

Does the Light ally with the League to reclaim Halo? Will the Light tip their “nuclear option” hand to do so?

I imagine the Light would ultimately attempt to eliminate Halo, which might not sit well with the League.

Wow. Just wow.


That was a really good episode keep this up pls. Probably one of my favorites in the season

Who are the seven?
Bart was not part of it

1 Batman
2 Aquaman Kaldur
3 Wonder Woman in space
4 Dick Grayson
5 Batbara Gordon
6 Megan
7 Young White Male Tim Drake?

It was like an episode of a soap opera


After watching this episode, it looks like a shift in power is going to change for the light. After Vandal Savage heard what Granny did for Darkseid, he may have to use the League to help him defeat Darkseid.


Can someone please explain to me the Gretchen and Granny being the same person but are also not the same person? Because when Gretchen went to the Orphanage we see Granny Goodness but also Gretchen. I don’t get it.