🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 21 Discussion Thread

Well, well, well, it turns out one Gretchen Goode might not be all we thought her to be! (Or we totally saw this coming, either way.) And, hearts are explored in more ways than one.

This is a safe space to discuss everything you saw, but it’s a very UNSAFE space if you haven’t seen :eyes: Make sure you check out the latest episode before letting us know your thoughts, reactions, theories and conspiracies in the comments below!


Great to see the cyborg beast boy bromance start developing


Didn’t care much for the Karen/Mal B-Plot, and the Granny Goodness confrontation was kinda lackluster. But FINALLY getting interaction between Vic and Gar was what I wanted. Ever since New 52, it’s like this friendship never happened…and it’s one of the best friendships in the DC Universe. I really hope we get more of that. S1 did a good job of giving Dick and Wally ‘s friendship. I hope they give the same amount if not even MORE love for Cyborg and Beast Boy’s friendship

  1. Dick flirting with his girlfriend via communications, and once again sounding like an idiot to those who do not know about Oracle. Still, good to see those two have found some happiness.

  2. Surprised about who was Dr. Jace’s mentor (assuming that part of the story is true). Not surprised that Dr. Jace has additional connections to the bad guys. I am still expecting that Vandal Savage and Helga Jace were an item at one point, and Savage is Helga’s daughter in this universe.

  3. Glad to see Halo and Geo-Force make up. Regardless of the outcome of their relationship, those two formed a strong bond from their shared experiences these past few months.

  4. Glad to see Kaldur continue to play a more prominent role in the back half of Season 3 of 10, I mean 3 of 4. I am also glad that his partner, Wynde, joined him on the mission, giving fans an idea of their relationship.

  5. Beast Boy is definitely brainwashed episodes ago when he confronted Granny. Dick and Jefferson did not act against Kaldur and Wynde until Granny commanded them to do so. My guess, Beast Boy has no idea that The Outsiders are basically part of The Light’s plan to further dethrone the Justice League. It also means that the entire Titan’s, I mean Outsiders’ Tower in a giant danger room for The Team. The betrayal will hit harder now that Beast Boy has bonded with some of the newer team members (Geo-Force and Vic this episode).

  6. Jefferson will soon, or has already figured out that Nightwing and the Bat Family at least are playing him and the other heroes. Jefferson already noticed the strong connections between the allegedly separate and ununited teams when rescuing Tara at the end of Part 1 of Season 3. Now, the Bat Plane shows up. The question remains if Jefferson will confront Nightwing behind the scenes, or in front of the other heroes.

  7. So Halo is either the anti-life equation or has gained access to it. Certainly the combination of human and mother box has uncovered something, making protecting Halo from both The Light and Apokolips.


I could have done without Kaldur’s romance, but overall I really liked this episode. It had a lot less of the boring teen angst that’s been the main filler of the season, and it was nice to finally see things come to a head, both with Darkseid’s quest for the Anti-Life Equation and the reveal that the Ultra-Humanite is Jace’s mentor. Hopefully Nightwing doesn’t stay out of commission for too long, or perhaps he will be hospitalized for the next few episodes, then turn up as the ace in the hole when Terra ultimately betrays the team.


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The whole Mal and Karen thing was interesting and the confrontation with Granny was epic, I knew that Jace couldn’t be trusted


Who was the contact that Dr. Jace was texting to. I forgot what his name is because he is a villain that is rarely used in DC Comics.

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I am so excited to see Kaldur and Wyynd working together, best part of the second part of season 3!!! Im very happy about how victor is doing right nown the way he was portrayed to be upset about becoming half robot was very realistic and in happy he had now come to terms with it. The plot is getting intense, and i am excited to see what happens next!!!


Gets better with each episode.

Wonderful seeing Karen & Mal again - I’ve been asking about them ever since the daycare episode. They’re really opening up a can of worms here - I have no doubt that these moral questions will carry on into future seasons.

I’m happy to see Victor coming to terms with his change - and the scene with Gar was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Very satisfying episode - progression and resolutions everywhere. And how about that stinger? :slight_smile:

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Oh, I forgot to mention the nod to Infinity Inc.!

One of my favorite books from the 80’s - and as a team comprised of the JSA’s sons and daughters, it fits perfectly in Young Justice’s wheelhouse.

Season 3 isn’t over, and I’m already salivating for Season 4!


@MBII Kaldur is bi not gay and I do agree the social media trending stuff is annoying a little


Well, as a fan I would prefer more Action/Mystery/Thriller driven stories to drama. Plus it’s animated, so, have fun with it. Do stuff that would be impossible for live action like having 100 characters in a massive battle . Also since this season is called Outsiders, a cameo from Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho would be cool, but that’s just more a a fan service thing. Overall, loving all the originals on the app, keep up the good work!

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Awesome episode. Cool to see more of the apokolips threads unfold. Also enjoyed seeing Beastboy and Cyborg start there friendship. Cool to see Kaldur in action and nice to learn more about Wynde (probably spelt wrong). Enjoyed the condiment King cameo. And the post credits was awesome.

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Honestly I had no idea why they were spending screen time on Bumblebee’s baby until that last decision. It was a bit of a long build, but a solid payoff and a real omg moment.

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There’s so much I could say about all the plot and character development that has happened so far, but right now I just wanted to mention how the Goode World logo resembles the Warner Brothers logo

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I miss the old seasons (don’t get me wrong, this season is great) but I miss the action scenes, the millions of plot twists, and subtle drama. That was what made Young Justice, this doesn’t seem like Young Justice. I also miss the focus on the OG characters- there was still so much story to tell.


And I think most of these new characters are for the most part laim! And they’ve gotten so many characters on both sides that we’ve lost getting to see all the old and original and cool characters.


This season so far has been about the ethics of lying, for example the leaders of each team are working together but lying to their teammates about it. Does the end result make the means okay? Now, after what Bumblebee did to protect her daughter their is going to be discussion about whether or not that was ethical.

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Wynde: "I’ll never get used to all this sucking and blowing. "

:rofl: come on dude :joy:

If we are gonna have gay characters with dialogue like this then I’m allowed to have a childish sense of humor about it. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: