🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 19 Discussion Thread

@ jtreblecleff I believe we have a few more weeks before the season finale.

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Am I the only one who seems to be genuinely enjoying this season (Halo’s boring storyline aside)? Aside from last week’s episode, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Not as much as I enjoyed the first two seasons but still a lot more than I feared I would.


It would be cool to see more screen action of spoiler and orphan… still anxious to see Red Hood as well.


Okay, is anybody else wondering if Violet’s condition is really what we’re being told it is? I mean, Doctor Jace has had some sketchy behavior this whole time, and when she told Violet that she was dying she all but told her not to tell anybody, which worries me. And even if her condition is exactly what we’re being told it is, why wouldn’t Doctor Jace want all the help she could get in figuring out how to help her? Plus when Brione tried to talk to Violet and she ran off, Doctor Jace immediately started telling him that first loves usually don’t last, like she’s trying to distance the two of them from each other for some reason.

Other than that, my main thought in the episode was how much I love Bart Allen, as I always do. it cracked me up how every time somebody mentioned him getting injured he would yell from offscreen that he’d be fine, in increasingly agitated tones. So much so that during the TV interview where G. Gordon Godfrey and Lex Luthor brought up the subject, I practically heard him shouting it in the background lol. I also really love the interaction between him and Jay. It felt really reminiscent of the father/son type of relationship he had in the comic books with Max Mercury, and later with Jay, something that I’ve really missed in the show. I love that the show is including so many awesome heroes, but I do get frustrated that the characters that came in later get so little focus.


You’re not the only one, @Kristjanfrosti.

There’s a whole Hype Train chock full of folks soaking in the aster. :grinning:

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Am.I the only one who wants to see Nightwing a lot more? We see him in the debrief in the Batcave but I feel like he should be more present. After all, the show did start with him, Wally, and Kaldur. He’s the one we’ve seen grow over the years and feels weird that he isn’t as prominent in the last few episodes.


Loving this and can’t wait to see where it’s going! At this point, Oracle’s interactions with Nightwing and others are still being hidden too. He never acknowledges who he’s talking to in those early eps of the season…I’d love to see them recap how Barbara ended up becoming Oracle in this storyline down the road.


I’m curious as to who Dr. Jayce’s “Mentor” is. She keeps referring to this person when talking to Halo. I keep thinking it’s gonna be a reveal where she’s either being manipulated or she’s actively working for someone. It could be Baron Bedlam (working from prison), it could be Granny Goodness and we could find out Dr. Jayce is really one of the female furies, it could be Luthor or possibly Deathstroke.

I have a feeling we’re gonna find out sooner than later.


This season continues to be great (though a little more whelmed compared to the first 2). While the constant rotation of characters is somewhat annoying, and this back half continues to be just a little too heavy handed in its topical themes, the character moments really make up for the problems. The choice to make Beast Boy front and center still surprises me, and Halo’s storyline is very unique. Excited to find out who the Mentor is.


So far I am really enjoying this season of “Young Justice.” I appreciate the show addressing the very real issue of human trafficking. It is interesting how the Outsiders are using social media to be known to the world; however, I fear this could be their downfall because so many people use social media to do harm as well–Lex Luthor. Videos and pictures of the Outsiders could be taken out of context and used against them. We shall see where the rest of the season takes us and how social media plays a part in the success and/or downfall of our heroes.

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I’m really starting to miss Wally, and I know it’s a long shot, but Flashes never really stay dead. I hope if he does come back its before we get more shenanigans between Artemis and Will


I need to say it; Bruce’s Irish accent was fooling nobody!


Big fan of the series and loving this one also.
But this episode was a rollercoaster. Halo tells them she let the assassin in .( I thought Terra was going to lose it … Then G.Gordon just ripped into Lex about how poorly he handle the OutSiders .( I was just waiting for Vandal Savage or another Major Light person to show up …but no … Lex just took it …wow…lol… Then the Major twist … Batman’s team set it all up …and I was cool with it all … But then wonder woman comes and just kills the vibe . Yes ,she is right but come on …lol.

Who’s funeral did they attend ?

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While I do love this show, the last few episode’s lack of Nightwing really has me feeling the mode.


Much better than the previous two episodes, and more in line with the quality that we expect from the series—I hope they can keep it up.


The whole “killing violet” thing is REALLY getting old


Red Hood
Batman’s Irish accents reminded me so much of O Hara (probably spelt wrong) from the Adam West Batman show.

Besides that. Enjoying the season and can’t wait for more.


I really like the season so far but is anyone else kinda sad that they haven’t talked about Jason todd since that episode where they infiltrated the league of assassins (if there was another one please feel free to let me know)


Gonna be honest, used to love the show but it’s starting to get a little cringe but besides that it’s AWESOME :clap:t3:

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