🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 19 Discussion Thread

This week, Lex Luthor tries his hand at challenging the talents and efforts of Young Justice. Meanwhile, Violet struggles with a deep-rooted secret about the Markovian siblings that could threaten her connection with Brion.

This is a safe space to discuss everything you saw, but it’s a very UNSAFE space if you haven’t seen :eyes: Make sure you check out the latest episode before letting us know your thoughts, reactions, theories and conspiracies in the comments below!


So was that a suicide note that Violet was writing at the end or…


The, uh, episode isn’t showing up for me at all…

Looker! :heart_eyes:

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Great episode!

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Finally got to see it -

So, what it looks like to me is that they are moving into the “Sins of Youth” 5th week event storyline.

In the comics Young Justice was getting flak following a series of public mishaps. A program to shut down them (and all powered teams) was launched.

Klarion (Bum bum bum…) the Witch Boy used his magic to turn all of the adult heroes into children and toddlers - In an attempt to counter this a mechanical device was used trying to turn the heroes back - But the two forces combined and exploded.

This turned the teenagers into adults, the adults into young teens, and the aged heroes (Like Jay Garrick) into young children.

So Young Justice - being the adults mentally and physically - had to correct the issue while taking care of their now younger counterparts.

The whole deal was the old - See how the other side lives - Though it did give us the benefit of Superboy getting access to his full Kryptonian powers.

Wonder if that’s what they’re angling for here.


Wonder Woman’s right
All of this manipulation and faking situations while arguably for the greater good is really grimy


I’m sad that this seasons over but really happy that I have seen this Awsome season. I can’t wait to see what you guys do net. I really hope you keep killing these shows and movies. Thank you!

The season is not done yet


@islandersmike.69300, you’re in luck! The season isn’t over. There’s still seven episodes left :slight_smile:


Bringing up Sins of Youth reminds me of one thing I remember about the old YJ comics, how they mentioned how Superboy’s favorite show was South Park. At this point, I’m just waiting for an “Oh my god, they killed Halo” joke on the show.


It won’t let me watch it

Anyone notice how think Halo was made? Dat ass. Plus, we got our first curse word (eh, by our American standards) in the show. “Damn”


Would’ve been nice to actually see the fight between the outsiders and the robots instead of just a voice over some still pictures of the fight… or even a real-time reveal of the bat-deception instead of the constant flashbacks at the end of the episode, the beginning fight gave me hope though


y’all something bad’s gonna happen with violet next episode. she just watched the man she loved and his little sister storm out of her room, one having what I believe was a panic attack, was arrested, is under a lot of pressure to talk about everything, knows that she’s dying, is v v distressed about brion’s response and doesnt feel like she can really talk to anyone.
Combine that with the mention of her probably not being able to come back from decapitation and her wrtiting a note while looking at an old picture of when they were happier and you get, well, a not so good outlook of her being animate by the end of the season.


Did anyone not notice that Tara made a mistake. Lex announced that that he knew that the parents of the outsiders were grounding them. That was a private conversation that only teammates had access to. I hope they realize that Tara is a mole before it’s too late.


The finale is next week right? It doesn’t feel like we’ve hit a point where it can end. Terra hasn’t been developed at all, and her betrayal being the finale would feel forced and weak. Maybe the finale could show the team finally figuring out what Batman Inc. is up to; However, how would the future of the Young Justice Universe look in Season 4 if the heroes realise Batman’s team has been manipulating both the Outsiders and Young Justice?


I think there is too much Batman Inc. Everything’s always Batman with DC and we need different characters. Plus, I like how they’re just discreetly adding comic book characters. I mean the whole season is about Batman and his secret plans. Over the years comics have shown us how Batman and proteges can be terrible people. I mean they literally attack their team and family members. We already know that. I just feel like the heroes deserve better team-mates that won’t bring betrayal and devastation.


Also, I’m really hoping we get insight on Bart Allen’s past. I mean if it was the same character from the comic we already know his past. Although, this Bart Allen is different. Are his parents the same? Does he have the same Allen and Thawne ties? (Inertia, Owen Mercer, Jenni Ognats) What was his old future like? We really need more details then just clips of the time machine or blue beetle. Is that all going to be explained in season 4? If you bring Wally back from the speedforce will that open up time and dimension travel? What is Bart Allen’s new future like? Also, I really am hoping Bartuardo is a ship since it’s been hinted at the most.


What a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT this season has been…