[SPOILER ALERT 🚨] Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 17 Discussion Thread

Was really hoping for a “We are the Teen Titans!” moment. But this was great. Really love how BB is maturing. No more class clown antics for him. Hoping Cyborg will join the team


Fevered Dream:

At SDCC, DCU announces the 4th season of Young Justice.

Whenever YJ goes on break, their slot will be filled with all-new mini-series starring:
-The Justice League and their intergalactic adventures
-The Outsiders
-The Teen Titans (adding in Raven, Starfire, Hawk & Dove and others eventually)
-The Green Lantern Corps (with Kyle)
-Random other characters like Garth/Tempest and Donna Troy/Troia.
-Flashback episodes set between Team Year One and Team Year Five (Or Five and Seven).

Yes, I’m dreaming. Don’t wake me up.


I kinda wish that Gar Virgil or Jaime brought in Asami and Tye. Like wonder girl and static both filling in “token” roles would have easily been mitigated by adding them. Also I feel like it’s a huge missed opportunity for Jaime to have said, “Soy Chicano/Latino, mis amigos” instead of brown skin. In response to Virgils comment.

Another random tangent, Grey DeLise-Griffin is an amazing voice actress but I really wish they casted other actresses for the newsgirl brigade.


I wasn’t as thrilled with this episode as I was the previous episodes. Ep 17 seemed to move the plot along (making the “Outsiders” official) but it didn’t tell us anything new or help further develop the characters. It just skipped around, checking in on the ensemble.

Maybe it’s because we only get one episode per week now (and if other episodes were similarly empty, the effect was mitigated by there being 2 other full episodes simultaneously released).

And is it just me or was the animation a little off. I can’t pin point it but sometimes the voices and the framing felt disjointed.

But hey DC!! I really love young justice. I joined this extra subscription service for it!! SEASON FOUR. PLEASE.


I’m not really digging the millennial social media stench from this last episode and Beast Boy is getting far too close to being a social justice warrior for my liking. The comments that the Outsiders team needed a girl member or “some color” were also stupid. I mean the guy in charge is green for God’s sake, Static being a black kid doesn’t really stand out at all. Also this episode reminded we’ve heard pretty much nothing from the Bat-family recently. I want to see more of the vigilante team Tim Drake is leading, including Arrowette whom we’ve barely got to witness yet.


I loved it, I really thought that they were gonna be the teen titans but I guess outsiders makes more sense. The episode was great and I can’t wait till it starts to focus more ok Batman’s secret team with all the people that left the official teams.


I really like this episode! I enjoyed the build up form the previous episodes with Gar. This actually builds up from season 2 and how the secrecy costed him a home, some of his trust, and people he was close to. So it makes sense that seeing the whispers of this happening again and is like nope.

Gar wasn’t really made for covert as well as some of these character arent either, you can tell some of them don’t feel like their doing enough?

This also solves the problem with the bad press that actually isn’t limited to earth, cause yeah the League got fucked up PR was in season 2.

Also Mgann and Gar sibling relationship is like yes.

Also loving how YJ always drops little cameos and easter eggs. The Frikken News Brigade.


Also apparently now buying his friends like fucking rooms in the Towers(I swear yall this was their version of Titans Tower).


Everytime she come son I get the creeps!


I know people have problems with the whole Social media/Millenial aspect of this but like I love it? Not for the reason they think though. Cause like this happens in every era.

Before Social media there was just TV/Newspaper/Radio to showcase and spread formation and support. Before that Radios/newspaper, before that newspapers/word of mouth, before that just word of mouth. Its a nice tibit to show hey this is what this generation does that relateable to them. You can see that in precious shows like BTAS, or Batman Beyond.


so first thing first this episode felt hello fellow kids AF. mostly with the citizens i mean yeah i think gars speeches are a bit self aggrandizing but it at least made sense him being the leader and the one who organised this but it felt so stiff when the mayor was yelling at the cop like a caricature or when the teens are all “oh my gosh we’re reporting it like real reporters” and on that last point i get what they are trying to do with the message but it feels out of place since this kind of looks like gar is telling kids to go to actively dangerous situations to film his team to more ore less be part of a fandom but that’s just a nit pick specially since you can explain it away with a conversation
2nd the thing that made me almost take a break was every time gar’s brain would short out and make a spiel about how the’re is no twisting what they do and how “it’s like a revolution” and i know that my complaint is mostly due to wording since both phrases just sound like political no-speak to me but still it makes Gar sound at best naive and at worst ignorant
lastly i hate to say it but the whole teen titans/outsiders thing has just felt like filler i oddly have the same frustration as beast boy with “what, this is it?” especially with the get on board or get out of the way thing then just coming out as a branch of the JLA is kind of blah i mean how is this not immediately spun as a Look at what the JLA is doing/saying to the children or something like that plus the fact that no one was against this idea or seemed to be any kind of real resistance. it just felt like gar asked can i make a team and literally everybody said yes and again the whole thing just felt like hot air since it was not only such a small stakes situation but since every other character felt like they were put on pause i mean the only character we see actually grow and/or change in anyway is Terra and that just to set seed for bigger change later it just feels like you can cut out a third of the episode fixing point a and b of this post and fill it back up with character development/interactions and fixing point c in the process
overall so far the most bland and inspired episode of the show

P.S. i know that problem Charlie is mostly due to the fact that this episode was released alone rather than as par of 3 and it’s the latest episode the show is made and yeah the show is made with binging in mind but that still doesn’t change the fact that the episode shouldn’t feel like an obvious part 1 of 3 it should stand on it’s own and it shouldn’t feel like this is just a recap for the sake of the people who cant be bothered to remember the end of the last 3 episodes
also i don’t read production news so i might be talking out of my ass but if this was meant to release as par of a set of 3 please just release the 3 episodes cause it just feel so off


Not the episode to start going to one a week on…


I think it’s really interesting how social media is portrayed.

Love this show, but I thought it was 3 episode a week. Wow what a rip off. If DC keep this up when D plus start up it going to be beat down.

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@flrodgers.22783, I’m a little confused as to how you feel this is a “rip off” We were all informed of the change two weeks ago. See attached link to the information.



Who is the doctor lady be talking and texting too ???:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Really loved the extended “Mystery Incorporated” tribute we see in this episode. Fans of that era of Scooby-Doo may recognize some of the townspeople…


Once I learned that, it made the townspeople tolerable. This wasn’t my favorite episode, but there was a lot of good takeaways.

But please, no more cringey Gar speeches about social media. We already know the team is diverse and we love them; you don’t have to announce what box you tick for social brownie points. Just do what’s made the show amazing with it’s great characterization and story and we’ll go along for the ride like we’ve done many a time before.


Loved the scooby doo crossover/references! Was not expecting it but so much fun!

Really thought Beast Boy was going to name them the Titans. Oh well :man_shrugging:t5:


The social media and teen speeches thing is getting pretty tedious for me, I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be so heavy-handed. I get how it fits into the universe and what they’re trying to do, it’s just very obvious and I’m finding that more and more obnoxious as I watch this show. It’s TOO “real” if that makes sense, and less entertaining. Still enjoying the show, I just think this season is leaning more towards hit and miss for me.


Static and Wonder Girl are cool, competent heroes who can contribute to a team with their skills and abilities.

But literally explicitly in the episode, all they contribute to this team is their skin color and gender, respectively. And Jaime apparently doesn’t even count because he wears a mask, so they couldn’t possibly be more explicit that the only reason Virgil and Cassie matter is making the team look good for social media. Does that not strike anybody else as just a teensy bit racist and sexist in itself?


I had a similar thought. I wouldn’t say it’s racist or sexist, but it’s certainly reductive of their characters. Racism and sexism both imply a certain discrimination that I don’t really see. It’s definitely just the writer’s attempts to being inclusive, but it’s pretty clunky, to say the least.