[SPOILER ALERT 🚨] Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 14-16 Discussion Thread

Bart and Ed are not so much “dating” as they are “involved”. The words Ed uses to describe Bart : “Friend”, this is not a relationship, but they are clearly physically into one another. However, Ed clearly also has eyes for the Aussie girl.

Ed is bisexual.

Halo is nonbinary.

Terra and Savage’s daughter are gay as fuck tho.

Every vibe I get from Lady Shiva is begging me to tell her: “Dude, you need to get laid.”


Halo may be non binary, but she is SUCH a girl. . . There’s nothing masculine about her.


Was that Empress talking to Virgil at the end?


So so so here for non-binary Halo! Comics always do the “sentient nonhuman consciousness in a human body” thing but then totally ignore gender as an issue. Amazing post-Pride surprise :rainbow_flag: Now if we can just get one out gay person…


YJ Outsiders Part 2 has begun, and is starting off strong. These episodes gave us more in depth look on the politics and public opinions & views of the Justice League. Plus we get a surprising debut from two of DC comics famous teams: Female Furies and The Suicide Squad.

What could the revelation of Halo discovering what Gabrielle did do to her relationship with Brion when he finds out.

My review of the episode: https://youtu.be/3PgoDb1Ap0Y

chef’s kisses perfectly crash


I believe that was Celia Windward, who ends up becoming Jet in the comics.


@Theo, you’re not alone! :rainbow_flag:

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Superman saying to “stay whelmed” was awesome, but I did a double take when he just walked into the room and immediately said “Great Scott!” It felt so out of place and weird that it was funny.

I don’t mind Will and Artemis together. After all, they’ve been living as substitute parents for two years together and clearly have the relationship a husband and wife would (typically) have. Yeah, yeah, it isn’t Wally, but the characters are all facing the facts that he is gone. While we may suspect he’s going to come back, for them it’s very real that he isn’t - filling his void only makes sense.

Very glad to see some more LGBT representation, even if Violet’s did kinda change the pace out of nowhere. I yearn for us to finally see gay Kaldur. In the meantime, they’d be great characters with or without being LGBT, just a nice bonus.

Also, everyone is mentioning how Dick barely got screentime these episodes, but he was also probably the most recurring character of the first half? It’s not like we won’t see him again - of all the characters of the show, he and Artemis are the “main” characters, and they’ve been sort of alternating between them. And with such a massive cast, they have to make omissions every batch of episodes. In general, the original members of The Team got all the major developments they needed in the first two seasons, and so we now have new characters to follow along with and love while still seeing what the old ones are doing nowadays. If there’s any character of season one I feel we haven’t seen enough of this year, it’d have to be Red Tornado, but I guess we also got his arc season 1. Still, it was nice to have him as the, so to say, “adult” character among all the younger cast, though I suppose we have Jefferson for that now.

Anyhow, it’s great as always, and I am very much so looking forward to the next set!

The production seems much better
The drawings and animation visual overall… the plot seems very much a recap but hopeful DC doesn’t cancel it like Swamp Thing.


It seems that with the team announcing their existence to the public that they might be setting up for the cast to split into different teams. We may end up seeing the classic Young Justice and Titans team.


yeah when Superman popped up and said ‘Great Scott!’ I totally did a double take. It took me a moment to realize I was flashing back to the New Scooby Doo Movies episodes ‘Scooby Doo Meets Batman and Robin!’ Batman says it in those, and I assume in other old media, so that was a fun reference.

Oh, and did anyone else catch the Star Wars: Rebels reference in 16? When Devastation disguised as the henchman was carrying Perdita, she said ‘Karabast’ which I’m pretty sure has only been used in Star Wars by the character Zeb. I think Greg Weisman worked on Star Wars Rebels at some point, maybe that’s how it ended up in YJ.


also @mikestein8 I was thinking that too!

Artemis and Will!!! Omg called it since season 1. I totally ship it!!!

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So much to unpack in these episodes, but I think I’ll save most of it for the watch along this Saturday. A few random general takeaways:
-Music is a highlight. It really helps with the pacing and engagement of the show.
-The fight scene in the secret Russian place thing was epic
-Granny Goodness and G Gordon Godfrey are so believably hatable. That’s when you know you have some good villains
-Lex’s “Who Watches the Watchmen” line made me laugh out loud. Interestingly enough, they really do have a lot of the international politics set up to do a Doomsday Clock-esque story. Maybe not exactly Doomsday Clock, but introducing the Supermen Theory would be a really great premise for Season 4.


Why is no one talking about the female furies ?? That was the best part of episode 14 I’m glad they brought them back honestly I wanna see more fight scenes with them the last fight scene they were in was for Superman/ Batman apocalypse and that was BADASS need more of them for sure


Really hoping that Barda noting Superman saved her is a hint at her rebelling in the future.

I don’t know if Barda is known for going against Darkseid/Granny Goodness, but it would be nice.


So happy with the character choices. Jet, Traci 13, Big Barda, wondering if Bluebird will join up or if she was just a cameo. I love all the Jack Kirby/ New Genesis, Apokolips involvements I could never get enough of all that. Does anyone know, I haven’t looked at Josh’s Easter eggs on the ep yet. Was the clapperboard used in the space trek scenes with J. Schwartz dedicated to Julius Schwartz? It had that other name between j and Schwartz that started with an A that has nothing to do with him that I know or I’d say it was for sure, as he’s in the Jack Kirby hof and it’s all Kirby right now. Also, I didn’t look at credits but I believe it was Gilotina with Lashina and a Barda as the furries anyone know offhand if that’s correct? If not I’ll go back and look.

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I was writing about the furries b4 I read your post. I’m with u 100, I was stoked about the furries.

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I really only enjoyed episode 14 and the Justice League characters. I’d rather the show be about the original team. Just too many characters (and loads of characters I have no interest in) for me.

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