SPOILER ALERT: Official Titans Ep. 3 Discussion Thread!

I don’t know about you all, but I loved this episode even more than last week’s. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our Encyclopedia for entries on Hawk, Dove, & the Nuclear Family! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below- cinematography, chemistry, symbolism? :wink:


Well. Dove was hot and thats a plus.

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This episode was so much better and fun. Wonder when we will see Jason Todd.

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Sweet I want a break down of dick caller ID

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Is there any plans on moving the watch party to somewhere else or just keep it on DC universe

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I’ve said a lot on the episode already in other threads but one thing I want to say again because it’s actually one of my favorite things so far is the brother/sister type of relationship between Dick and Rachel. The chemistry is great and their story arcs are going well together.

I have a feeling the main 4 will go together like peanut butter and jelly when they all meet. I see them ending the season not just as a team and instant best friends but family!

Dick is in a dark rough place right now but Rachel/Raven is slowly changing him towards being a good savior as his own man. He’s going to likely be a reluctant leader at first but Beast Boy and Starfire will brighten his heart and life.

Once he becomes Nightwing, I think he’ll have everything sort out and be the hero and leader he’s meant to be .


Episode 3? I thought 2 just launched today?


Man I really hope Minka Kelly survives


I hope my girl Minka Kelly survives that fall cus lord knows she stole the whole damn show PERIODT ! Her Performance was just absolutely amazing and her portrayal of Dove was spot fuckkng ON


Yeah the directors as well as both actors did a really phenomenal job of playing off each other and creating that brother sister relationship it’s so refreshing

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I loved this episode. I love that the actors are committed to their characters. No one is mailing anything in here and that can be rare with shows like this. I get so tired of the"it’s a comic book, you can’t take it seriously" line. We get that it’s fiction, but you can make it serious, and that’s what we’re getting here. The cinematography has been spot on in my opinion and I think whoever is handling music and score is doing a wonderful job structuring that into the episodes. The nuclear family was Savage!


Love this series!!!


Episode 2 was :fire::fire:! Can anyone get a hold of Geoff Johns so we can get some more Hawk n Dove?! Like a 6 episode limited series prequel would be amazing. Credit to Minka and Alan, they were really great! I aslo enjoyed the GoT shout outs! C’mon GoT + Titans, sooo good. I loved how Raven was watching the episode of Arya Stark traveling with the Hound. That was a crazy and complex relationship. Just like HnD and we’re getting that with Robin and Raven too! The family from hell aka Nuclear family, were creepy. I’m really excited for E3!


Love ittt cant wait for more

It just keeps getting better!

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Yea I like it more than ep 1

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I think we all know what our favorite episode of the season will be. Hint:(Jason Todd episode)


Man how great would it be to have Red Hood in this series? :scream_cat: If he ever shows up, I’ll be like a kid in a candy store!


Episode 3?

I have this feeling Hawk and Dove is going to die soon