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The Renegade Robins Club joins the wreckage of Gotham during No Man’s Land! And Stephanie Brown’s cover has been spoiled as someone discovers her secret identity! See what happens in this month’s adventures, and then share your thoughts below!

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This Month's Issues

I. War Beneath the Streets (Nov. 15-22)

II. The Worst Is Yet to Come (Nov. 23-30)

Discussion Question: Do you think Stephanie should’ve been more involved in the events of No Man’s Land?

Poll Question:

Should Stephanie listen to her mom and hang up the cowl?
  • Yes!
  • No!
  • (Only if Tim does, too.)

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To answer my own discussion question: as much as I appreciate the novelty of Stephanie’s pregnancy arc, it’s a real shame that she was sidelined throughout a major event. I feel the same thing was done to Huntress in a way, as she was teased to be the new Batgirl only to be shoved aside as unworthy. No offense to Cassandra Cain, but it’s really annoying how the writers/editors always seem to devalue current members of the Bat-Family whenever they prepare to introduce a new member. (The same thing would later happen to Cassie, of course.)


I agree that it is too bad Stephanie didn’t do much in No Man’s Land. She barely has a place in these issues other than her mother discovering her Spoiler costume. She is also selling herself short by agreeing to “date” Robin without knowing his true identity.


Spoiler meme birthcontrol
If she had to explain why she had these instead the pregnancy would have never happened and she would’ve been active in No Mans Land.


Gotham’s legislators are hardcore abstinence-only guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve always been a bit sad that Steph didn’t have much of a part in ANY big events except Cataclysm in the 90s. She does start to pop up in later events, but quite often in ways that make me facepalm (which I’ll talk about in later threads, as appropriate). I do wonder if Steph lives in what would become Burnside, which we know is across the river as a Gotham suburb. Putting her outside the island of the city proper does tend to keep her outside of more direct action. (also makes me want to know where she, Cass, and Babs are currently in the upcoming Batgirls series - I hope we get some maps of the locations at some point!)


I do love some of those classic DC maps. It’s always fun to see how they squeeze in the fictional locations between real-world cities.