:renegade_robins: [Spoiler 4] Shaking Up Stephanie (Sept. 15-30)

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The Renegade Robins Club is experiencing a Cataclysm! Earthquakes abound in Gotham even as things shake up between Tim and Stephanie!

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Spoiler Alert!
  • The main events in Robin #50 tie into some of the issues we skipped last time. If you haven’t been following those issues, then you might want to jump straight to the scene between Spoiler and Batman.

  • Stephanie is absent from Robin #51-53. The first two issues wrap up the story from issue #50, while the third concludes the Cataclysm arc from the Batman titles.

  • Stephanie is also absent from Robin #55. This issue is a chapter in the Green Arrow Brotherhood of the Fist storyline.

  • Spoiler has a one-panel cameo in the first issue of JLA: World Without Grown-Ups.

This Month's Issues

I. Cataclysm/Aftershock (Sept. 15-22)

II. Date Night (Sept. 23-30)

Discussion Question: What’s your take on the new development in Stephanie’s life as revealed in Robin #57? (I’d state it outright, but it’s a big spoiler!)

Poll Question:

Did you enjoy Stephanie’s crossover with Huntress?
  • You betcha!
  • It wasn’t bad.
  • Egh! No!

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One of my favorite pages from Blunt Trauma. More of a Huntress story, but it’s a team up I’d definitely read again. :purple_heart:

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Yeah, I’m happy with these rare early appearances Stephanie made outside the Robin series. And since both Huntress and Spoiler share several similarities beyond their love of purple (criminal fathers, skepticism about Batman’s no-killing rule), they make for an interesting team. Too bad we’re coming up on No Man’s Land, which is so excited about introducing Cass that it’s willing to sideline Helena and Steph in the process.


Agree. There’s potential there. Just wish they’d use it, lol!

Same w/ No Man’s Land. It’s good, and I really like Cass, but it’s unfortunate these kinds of events and intros have to come at the expense of other characters who are just as great. :purple_heart:

I’ll be back for this:

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Cataclysm is a really fun event, and I think a really cool buildup for No Man’s Land. Steph’s role in it is really fun, and reading the Robin issues and then this one-shot team up with Huntress makes for a really nice connected experience.

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It’s a shame we don’t get more interaction of Spoiler and Huntress. Honestly, it’s a shame we don’t get a lot of interaction with Huntress with any of the Bat-Family that isn’t directly related to the BOP.

As for the discussion question: It’s definitely a surprise development that shakes up their relationship dynamic. It does seem rather sudden. Maybe I’m not remembering things, but do we even see Steph’s “boyfriend” anywhere else other than ditching her in the Blunt Trauma one-shot?


He comes back after NML is over, and Steph kicks him in the fork when he crudely tries to get back together with him.


Is that what the kids call that these days? :rofl:


No, that’s 90s slang for you, from Terry Pratchett!