:renegade_robins: [Spoiler 3] Teen Titans Tryout (Aug. 15-31)

Teen Titans 17

The Renegade Robins Club brings you another Spoiler-ific session! Stephanie continues to be caught in the middle of Tim’s love triangle, but she also gets an appearance in Teen Titans! (Okay, it’s a super-brief cameo, but she made it on the cover!)

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Spoiler Alert!
  • Due to a lack of Stephanie, we’re skipping Robin #36-39, #42, & #46-49.

  • Cluemaster appeared sans Steph in Detective Comics #705-707 around this time.

  • The 1990s Teen Titans series is just wrapping up a storyline called “Then & Now,” which started in issue #12.

  • Spoiler also appears in Robin & Argent: Double-Shot (which is connected to the Teen Titans storyline), but it’s missing from DCUI.

This Month's Issues

I. Rebound (Aug. 15-22)

II. Grounded (Aug 23-31)

Discussion Question: Should Tim choose Ariana or Stephanie?

Poll Question:

Is Stephanie cut out to be a Teen Titan?
  • Absolutely.
  • Uh, maybe…?
  • Surely not!

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I have read more of Robin than these issues. Honestly, I don’t think he should be with either girl. If he can’t be honest with either of them, he shouldn’t be in a relationship. I know and understand his reasons for not being open, but keeping secrets will only lead to failure. If he were honest with her, then I think Stephanie is a better match for him.


Yeah, I find it kinda hard to root for him in this dilemma. :stuck_out_tongue:


While I have read the Robin and Argent Double-Shot and some of Steph’s cameos in Teen Titans, they weren’t really favorites, as they didn’t really feature stuff that made her unique and loveable, really. The Cluemaster appearance, and a tiny reference to Steph by Tim, in Detective Comics, was really enjoyable.

As a big Tim and Steph shipper, I definitely think he should pick Steph, but I like Ari quite a bit.


Yeah, it doesn’t help that I’m not all that interested in what was happening in Teen Titans at the moment, anyway…

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Reading these issues, I think we see a lot more of why he’s more interested in Stephanie. That said, if I’m perfectly honest, I don’t remember anything about Ariana, so it’s possible she was at least a good fit for Tim initially. Also, Ariana’s whole thing in these issues was…odd. Like, I can’t tell if Dixon really wanted to tell a story about consent and how having it taken away can warp someone’s idea about relationships, or if he was just trying to create drama and get a teenager in a slinky nightdress.

On the issues itself, I hadn’t read anything from this era of Teen Titans, never even heard of anything from this era, and…I think I can see why.

The Robin issues were decent – it was funny, the stuff with Ives made me initially think “Oh now, he’s gonna turn school shooter, isn’t he?” Seeing him in the Chuckee Cheese outfit was a funny relief.

Also, when are we getting a Baffler Black Label film, WB?


What? I thought everyone loved the De-Aged Atom era of Teen Titans! It’s right up there with Justice League Detroit!

Atom was de-aged? Man, that feels like an insult…to Justice League Detroit.

As with everything I hate about mid-to-late 90s comics, it all started with Zero Hour. :wink:

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Ari is ok, but as an MJ fan, I am much more of a Steph fan than a Gwen with black hair fan. :slight_smile:

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Nuh-uh, Ari isn’t a Gwen clone. Ari has crazy uncle issues, not daddy issues, big difference. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, she’s inspired by Gwen, not a Gwen clone. Gwen clones always melt into dust!

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