:renegade_robins: [Spoiler 14] Night of the Living Steph (November 16-30)

Ghost Stephanie

The Renegade Robins Club has buried Stephanie Brown, but will she stay dead? Not if the writers keep revisiting her after her untimely passing! Join Cass and Tim in their stages of grief! (Wait–that sounds miserable!)

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This Month's Issues

I. Fresh Blood (November 16-22)

II. The Hood (November 23-30)

Discussion Question: How well do you think these stories handled the death of Stephanie, especially in comparison to War Games and War Crimes?

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Should Steph stay dead?
  • No! We need our Spoiler!
  • Sometimes dead is better…

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No Birds of Prey? Or is that coming later?

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Well, there’s already a Birds of Prey club, so I don’t know how much I could include from those comics without sparking an all-out gang war. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you have any particular stories in mind?

YES I DO! :slight_smile:

After Dinah spent more or less a whole arc training Steph, her grief at Steph’s death is palpable in this issue:

And very important for the beginning of Batgirl (2009), Babs talking to Misfit!:

Also, be like Steph! Spark gang wars! (wait…maybe that’s not a great idea…but do it anyway!)

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I’ll go ahead and let you know that the only other pre-Robin #170 storyline I intend to cover as part of the official lineup is “Blood Matters” (Batgirl #71-73). But if you want to discuss the other issues that deal with the period after her death, feel free to highlight them in this thread!

Well then, I SHALL! Steph shall not be forgotten! :slight_smile: (Even if some people whose initials may come after C and before E would like me to!)

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Dan will just have to live with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes. Yes he will!

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Well, I want to comment here about the two Birds of Prey issues I linked above. The first has Dinah commenting on the death of Steph, and her connection to Spoiler was really heartbreaking. I’d of course started my DC journey with War Games (brilliant choice for a Steph fan! But it was the newest trades on the shelf!), so it was nice to have that story referenced, along with my frustration at the waste of Steph’s life/potential as a character. Having read Dinah’s training of Steph in the Robin 80 Page Giant and the Birds of Prey and Robin crossover arc, it hits home much harder.

And, of course, Babs showing Misfit Steph’s “autopsy” photos - something directly referenced in Batgirl #2, when Babs confronts Steph in her house.

I think it’s very crucial that Simone has both Babs and Dinah remember Steph very fondly. Unlike certain issues of War Games…

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Yeah, it seems like the dead Robins always get dragged through the mud by some authors. Good that a few writers still treat them right.

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