:renegade_robins: [Spoiler 12] Rockin' Robin (September 16-30)

Steph Robin

The Renegade Robins Club may have seemed at little off-brand over the last year with these Spoiler adventures, but your patience is finally rewarded: Tim steps down, and Stephanie Brown dons the Bird Suit! Let’s hope it lasts!

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Spoiler Alert!
  • Wizard Magazine previewed Steph’s debut in issue #150.

  • Steph also appeared in Solo #10, which is missing from DCUI.

This Month's Issues

I. The Girl Wonder (September 16-22)

II. Sisterhood (September 23-30)

  • Batgirl #53
  • Detective Comics #796
  • Teen Titans #13
  • Robin #128

Discussion Question: What do you think about Steph’s dynamics with the other heroes in these stories (especially outside the pages of Robin)?

Poll Question:

Do you prefer Steph as Spoiler or Robin?
  • Spoiler! She needs her own identity!
  • Robin! She needs greater visibility!
  • Eh, I’m happy either way!

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Really glad to see the Wizard Magazine short and the Solo #10 short story referenced! The Solo short story was included in the 2015 War Games trade, which is available digitally, so I’m not wholly sure why it’s not on DCUI, though possibly they only digitized that one story of the five or six in the issue.

I also really like Steph’s short story in the Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 , though some fans found it disappointing. It fits in more or less between Robin issues #126-127.

And I really wish DC would digitize All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold Vol 1 13 | Stephanie Brown Wiki | Fandom - one of my all time favorite comics by two greats - Sholly Fisch and Rick Burchett! I headcanon that this is an adventure Steph had between issues 126-127 as well!

Regarding the poll question, I said “Happy either way”, but I do think that Robin (and Batgirl) represent a significant “levelling up” in terms of access to training, equipment, and visibility, and while I adore Steph in all identities, I think her character deserves the visibility of those more high profile roles. And I think that her filling the role of Robin was really, really fun, and deserved a really long run (as Willingham has mentioned - spoiler alert in the video for War Games, though!)

I shall wait on the Discussion Question until next week, and I hope to see a few other Steph fans chime in on that!


Just gonna leave this right here… :purple_heart: