Spoil It For Me - Current Batman Edition

Even though I walked away from the Bat titles, for the first time ever, I still have curiosity about them. Can someone clue me in on some of the recent events? Mostly I’m confused about Bruce’s finances. I know Joker wreaked havoc but has it been explained why Bruce lost access? Why Lucious isn’t just helping him out? (I think he’s mad he was a Joker target?) Dick inherited from Alfred so has there been any explanation why he can’t help out? Or are they going with the easy way out and saying he’s too proud to take help?
The Joker War thing annoys me the same way The Dark Knight Rises did. I think it’s pretty clear that billionaires and corporations are very well protected in America so it seems weird that a super criminal hacking an account can’t be repaired. It’s like “Bane broke into the Gotham stock exchange and Bruce Wayne went broke at the same time? Purely coincidence. Put a lock on his mansion ASAP!”

Basically right now Bruce is a millionaire, not a billionaire. He’s got resources, he’s not destitute, but it’s not basically unlimited and he has to be a bit more careful with it.

As for Lucius, part of it I think is due to what happened to him in Joker War, but he’s also partially being used and manipulated by a black ops organization called HALO – which is a holdover from the Wildstorm universe, where right now he has Grifter as his bodyguard.

Anyway, I think most of the fallout of him being in a lower economic class is playing more in Mariko Tanaki’s Detective Comics, which what I’ve read has been pretty good.

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